Since his arrival on the island of ‘Survivors’, Telecinco reality contestants have been divided between mortals and serfs, determining the space they occupy on the island and, therefore, the relative comforts to which they can have access. While the first team lives in an area more accessible for fishing, the second team has less sunlight and more difficulties to collect. However, this dynamic will experience a turnaround shortly.

Fani Carbajo in ‘Survivors: No Man’s Land’

Returning from an advertising block in the March 24 issue, the presenter of ‘Survivors: No Man’s Land’, Carlos Sobera, has surprised with an announcement of which he has not provided more information: “In two days, Thursday: unification of teams.” With that succinct revelation, received to applause on the set before the reward test, a change was anticipated for which we do not yet know the consequences, beyond the unification of coexistence.


– Survivors (@Supervivientes) March 24, 2020

To discover the depth of this turn, we will have to wait until Thursday, March 26, when the sixth ‘Survivors 2020’ gala will be held, which promises to offer surprises derived from this new phase of the contest. Further, We will know who follows in the footsteps of Vicky Larraz, Alejandro Reyes and Bea Retamal to become the fourth expelled of the edition.

The nominees of the week

The latest broadcast of ‘No Man’s Land’ has also served to reveal who has been chosen by the public to save themselves from the nomination. For the second consecutive time, the save has been Fani Carbajo, leaving Nyno Vargas, Ferre and Cristian Suescun nominated, from which the exiles will be selected to leave the main island to face a possible final expulsion in that gala on Thursday, March 26.