Without having the Nintendo Direct Mini from last March, since September 2019, Nintendo has not launched a Nintendo Direct to publicize its next games, being the longest wait to date in what we have with this type of presentation. It is true that this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, E3 could not be held and therefore, we have not been able to see one of the formats that we have liked the most in recent times, the Nintendo Treehouse. As you may already know, in this space, the games presented at the Nintendo digital conference were made more in-depth known, usually with the presence of their developers. However, although we believed that we gave it all up for lost, this has not been the case, since a new Nintendo Treehouse has just been announced.

Paper Mario will have its own Nintendo Treehouse

One of the next great Nintendo titles that is about to come out is Paper Mario: The Origami King, of which we have already presented our impressions. Nintendo did not want to miss the opportunity and our paper mustache is going to have its own Nintendo Treehouse. This will take place on the day July 10 at 7:00 p.m. (peninsular) from this link.

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However, Paper Mario: The Origami King is not going to be the only game featured in this Treehouse, as a game and gameplay of a new franchise developed by WayForward, Shantae’s parents. What surprise will they have in store for us? The return of an IP to WayForward? We read you in the comments!