Actress Zendaya has demonstrated over the years her love for fashion and how great a designer she is. Have you noticed the great collection of shoes you have? With this idea, you will not need more new ones: you will be able to exchange the different cleats!

March 26, 202011: 01 AM

Zendaya, the young actress recognized for her latest role in the strip HBO “Euphoria”, It is famous for its passion for fashion.

In each event she shines with her wardrobe but above all, with her beautiful shoes. Your wardrobe must be full of them and of all types!

But finally a solution came to not buy so many shoes and therefore, take up less space in the locker room: the atelier de Tanya Heath, in Paris.

Her goal was always to find footwear that managed to be versatile and survive the whirlwind of everyday life, of a woman who seeks to look elegant but be comfortable at the same time. Thus, he created a pair of shoes, which with an easy and safe system, could remove a heel of 4 cm and change it for one of 8cm when and where you want.

After 3 years of work, he achieved resistant footwear up to 400 kilos, adaptable to ride a bike, run, climb stairs, and perform any type of activity, without running the risk of running out of heels halfway.

Tanya Heath is Canadian, hailing from a family of civil servants, and studied diplomacy. When he settled in Paris, he began to teach at one of the most prestigious engineering universities in France, until he created his current and famous shoe brand, which he sells online worldwide and at his Paris location. Tanya promotes the Slow fashion and therefore a conscious consumption: “A pair of shoes, 3 heels, 3 designs in one.”