On the morning of this Tuesday, July 28, the nominations for the ceremony that recognized the best of television in the United States were announced. No wonder that Watchmen (HBO) appears in multiple categories, which The Good Place (Netflix) try one last time to get the statuette for Best Comedy Series or that Bad education (HBO) wants to establish itself as the most outstanding TV movie of the year. However, as in past installments, the list of nominees for the Emmy 2020 it is not without surprises that are welcomed or omissions that fuel the debate.

Here a selection of 10 surprises / omissions from the Emmy 2020, where the drama (Big Little Lies), the comedy (Insecure) and the miniseries (Unorthodox) make an appearance. What surprised and disappointed you most about the recently released candidate list?

OMISSION: Bob Odenkirk, for Better Call Saul (Best Actor in Drama Series)

For the first time in the Breaking Bad spin-off run, his starring histrion does not feature in the Emmy’s acting contest. Fortunately, the acclaimed AMC series will have one more season, so Odenkirk has one last chance to grab the golden statuette on television.

Better Call Saul has a presence in the Best Drama and Screenplay categories. Do you think this is your year?

OMISSION: Rhea Seehorn, for Better Call Saul (Best Actress in a Drama Series)

It is surprising that the Emmys continue to be reluctant to include the interpreter of the fierce lawyer Kim Wexler in the competition: five seasons, zero nominations. As if Seehorn’s performance face to face with Tony Dalton (Lalo Salamanca) was not spectacular enough …

Better Call Saul, on the other hand, does have a presence in the acting categories thanks to Giancarlo Esposito (Best supporting actor in a drama series).

SURPRISE: Zendaya, for Euphoria (Best Actress in a Drama Series)

The first season of Euphoria was a highly applauded phenomenon, and of course part of the cheers went to the former Disney Channel star. However, seeing her nominated for an Emmy is something that few would have anticipated; especially before actresses –finally omitted from that category– such as Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder); Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies).

Do you think Zendaya will triumph on the night of Emmy 2020?

OMISSION: Reese Witherspoon, for The Morning Show (Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)

With just reason, this day should seem excessively frustrating for the Oscar winner. In the past year, Witherspoon has made an appearance in three award-winning serial productions: The Morning Show, Little Fires Everywhere, and Big Little Lies. However, none of these works earned him any nomination.

Sadder is that The Morning Show holds five nominees in the acting categories of the award. Only Witherspoon was not invited to the party …

SURPRISE: The Mandalorian (Best Drama Series)

While the Star Wars franchise has starred in multiple stumbles when it comes to the big screen, television / streaming was its underpinning for the sake of not letting fans down.

A solid story, plus the exquisite fusion between galactic elements and the western genre – coupled, of course, with the popularity of Baby Yoda – make The Mandalorian one of the greatest serial phenomena of the past year and which now aspires to the crown of the Emmys.

It should be added that in less than a year, Disney + makes it clear that the level of its original productions aspires to the highest awards.

SURPRISE: Insecure (Best Comedy Series)

Four seasons being one of the highest-rated comedy shows in the US, and it’s just now coming up for its first nomination for Best Comedy Series. It’s a big surprise, of course, but it was also fair and necessary.

Previously, the Emmy had only considered Insecure for the categories of Best Cinematographer and Leading Actress (Issa Rae). While Rae repeats in this shortlist, now Yvonne Orji is added as Best Supporting Actress. Can you get the respective medal?

OMISSION: Better Things (Best Comedy Series)

Contrary to Insecure, there is another four-season dramedy – with good ratings – that still does not stand out in the award. This is Better Things, 20th Television show, which is about a divorced actress who must deal with the upbringing of her three daughters. Pamela Adlon (creator and protagonist) has already received two Emmy nominations for her acting work, without having succeeded.

A Los Angeles Times editor went on to claim that, had it been created by a man, Better Things would have already won multiple Emmys by now. Could it be true?

OMISSION: Big Little Lies (Best Drama Series)

A year ago, Big Little Lies was the darling of the Emmys, with five wins including Best Miniseries. However, now that the second season is competing in the drama series, all that great love seems to have vanished.

Only the nominations of Laura Dern and Mery Streep for Best Supporting Actress stand out. Hence, the HBO show has double chances to get that statuette, but it is still palpable how marginalized it was from this edition.

SURPRISE: Shira Haas, for Unorthodox (Best Actress in a Mini-Series)

Everyone talked about Unorthodox (Unorthodox) since its premiere on the Netflix platform. At first glance, the miniseries had the appeal of being based on a real case – related to a New York Jewish community – and being spoken in Yiddish. But seen its four chapters, other merits are perceived as its narrative treatment and the committed performance of its young protagonist Shira Haas.

However, it is not surprising that the 25-year-old actress is brought to you by you with established names such as Regina King (Watchmen) and Cate Blanchett (Mrs. America). Competition is fierce!

OMISSION: Daisy Edgar-Jones, for Normal People (Best Actress in a Mini-Series)

Normal People is an Irish drama whose story falls entirely on the complex relationship of two students, played so humanely by Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones (whose excellent chemistry is indisputable).

Unfortunately, the Emmy did not want to be even with the histrions, as it only granted a nomination to Mescal (best actor in a miniseries) and not to Edgar-Jones as the main actress.

On the other hand, the program distributed by Hulu also contends in the shortlist for best script in a miniseries.

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