Surprise Thalía with an extravagant animal print outfit

Surprise Thalía with an extravagant animal print outfit (Reformation)

Thalía surprises with extravagant animal print outfit | Reform

The beautiful Mexican singer and actress Thalia Once again he redefined the adjective stunning with a recent outfit that he shared on his social networks, managing to surprise his followers with an extravagant animal print outfit.

This is how the businesswoman Thalía was compared to the Tigress of the East for her striking outfit that she recently wore.

There is no doubt that if someone knows how to draw the attention of his followers on social networks, it is Thalía, because the Mexican singer, who is a few months away from turning 50 years old, has no complexes when it comes to dressing, showing off her curves or their extravagant clothes.

Recently, the interpreter of hits such as “Brown skin” and “Who cares” shared several publications on her official Instagram account, in which she has more than 17 million followers, where she showed her most impressive animal print outfit.

Thalía, remembered for her role as an actress in “María la del barrio”, wore a sporty jumpsuit with print Animal Print and with a legend on the chest that says “Queen”, matching a huge, long coat with the same design and the same message but on the back.

In addition, the extravagant look was completed in conjunction with high black combat boots, glasses that fade from dark to light and carry a huge and thick black chain.

And although many of his followers were surprised and fascinated by the photographs of ThaliaOthers criticized her and even compared her to the Peruvian singer Juana Judith Bustos Ahuite, better known as La Tigresa del Oriente.

Naca “,” Outlandish “,” Little stylish “,” Are you competing with the Tigress of the East? “, Among other criticisms and offensive messages received Thalía in her publications.

However, despite the controversy caused, her most loyal fans and followers came out in defense of the artist, who sent warm messages and compliments.

You are beautiful, queen of my heart “,” You are a goddess “,” Ignore your haters, you are divine “,” Thalia is a queen. The others who applaud “, were some of the comments of his fans.

And it is that no expensive bag or impact heels, because the only element you need to achieve a very glam appearance is a puffer jacket, yes, taken to its maximum power as Thalía modeled it well.

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It was like this Thalia She looked happy, empowered and with a rejuvenated appearance as shown in another photo in which she appeared raising her left arm, while playing with the oversized design of her jacket.

The singer also reflected that leopard print is never enough, by adding a jumpsuit with a high neck in the same print, as well as black boots from Prada, and square lenses with an Eylure strap, which were essential to portray her nostalgia for the eighties .

Dancing makes me smile “, he commented in one of his publications in which he showed off his best dance steps in this look.

There is no doubt that this outfit became one of the favorites of its followers, not only because it represented the essence full of electricity of Thalía, since it was also a good example that puffer jackets are a good garment to keep you warm in these cold days and that are synonymous with style.

As expected, these photographs of the actress attracted the attention of her followers and to this day, all of them together have more than a million likes and endless comments from users of the social network, because the truth is that she looked really beautiful, as in each of her photographs.

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