Surprise! Splatoon 3 is a reality and will come to Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo had mentioned that in the new Nintendo Direct that it carried out a few moments ago there would only be information related to the next releases for Nintendo Switch. However, it was not entirely true, as the company revealed Splatoon 3 with great fanfare, but you will have to wait several months to be able to play it.

Splatoon fans have called for the return of the franchise in an entirely new iteration and Nintendo had hinted on several occasions that the series could return. Although the clues were not clear, apparently the company wanted to confirm it to the fans and today it finally officially revealed that it is already working on the new installment of the franchise.

Nintendo usually reserves the last minutes of the Nintendo Direct for impressive reveals and although it was expected to be that of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Nintendo Switch, the company surprised by sharing a fantastic reveal trailer for Splatoon 3 that was not only cinematic. , but it also included gameplay.

Splatoon 3 will include several new features

The most interesting thing about this advance is that it promises that the game will offer great customization for the user’s avatar, as well as the creature that accompanies it, with the possibility of changing their skin tone, hairstyle, outfit or even the color of his eyes.

In the trailer you can even see some of the new weapons that will be available in this new title, as well as the locations in which colorful battles will be fought. Also, there will be some gadgets that will be able to help teams, like ink-shedding crabs, as far as you can see.

While Nintendo showed a somewhat extensive trailer that fans of the series surely liked, unfortunately, the wait will be a bit long before we can play it, as Splatoon 3 has been confirmed to arrive sometime in 2022.

We leave you with the trailer below.

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