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One of the companies that has shared the least news with its followers this summer is Nintendo, because with the absence of E3 2020, there has not been a new Nintendo Direct or other type of event for fans. The good news came today, as Nintendo confirmed that it will shortly stream an event with surprises.

A few minutes ago, the Japanese company announced that it will bring back the Nintendo Treehouse Live, since it will broadcast the July 2020 edition tomorrow, in which it will take the opportunity to present more about its next release Paper Mario: The Origami King and a new title from the developer WayForward. , as well as gameplay of both projects.

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How to watch the July Nintendo Treehouse Live broadcast and what to expect?

If you don’t want to miss a thing about this, then you should be awake and ready tomorrow, July 7, at 12:00 PM (Mexico City time), as that will be when the broadcast begins. Nintendo did not share how long the event will last, but judging by what is going to be shown, we can say that it will be at least 30 minutes. You can tune in to this schedule through the official Nintendo website.

Likewise, we tell you that at LEVEL UP we will have coverage of the event, so you can also find out about the news in this medium.

As for Paper Mario: The Origami King, we can anticipate that Nintendo will show several minutes of gameplay in order to invite players to join this adventure next week, which will be when it will debut in the market.

What is most striking is the presence of developer WayForward, as it is anticipated that a franchise will be revealed in which the studio will work for the first time. Although some may think that it is a property of Nintendo, it is important to clarify that it is not mentioned what type of series it is, so we invite you to go with moderate expectations. The best thing is that anyway, the first minutes of gameplay will be presented.

Similarly, we remind you that Nintendo specified that it will show these 2 games, so do not expect to see more titles, since it is not a Nintendo Direct.

How do you receive this news? Did you expect a Nintendo event? What do you think is the surprise revelation with the mysterious property? Tell us in the comments.

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