Surprise Jennifer Lopez in a photo without wearing anything!

Surprise Jennifer Lopez in a photo without wearing anything! | .

For the singer, actress And also a businesswoman Jennifer Lopez, her image as a celebrity is one of the most sold in the show, she has made a brand with her name and what she projects not only on stage but also on her social networks and others.

Thanks to the fact that the interpreter of Ramona in the film has an exquisite figure “Hustlers“same who starred in and shared credits with Cardi B, always tends at every opportunity to boast to his followers the excellent work results he has had over the years thanks to exercise.

Besides being a renowned singer and actress Jennifer Lopez She became a businesswoman, currently has several companies that, like her songs and movies, have become great successes for her career.

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So far only a few businesses that he has acquired throughout his career are known, among them we find clothing and footwear lines, a production house, restaurants, skin care, however something we have been talking about are the perfumes.

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At the moment it has 26 fragrances that it has launched on the market, starting in 2002 with its Glow by J. Lo perfume and the most recent one was shared in 2016 with Dark Wood.

It was precisely the launch of a Glowing fragrance launched in 2012, this being the second and last of that year to be launched, it has a predominantly woody, powdery and quite aromatic aroma with some citrus fruits.

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Glowing It was created by Calice Becker as well as Caroline Sabas, two important figures in the perfume industry.

For the main image of this fragrance a cover photo of the Diva from the Bronxs In which he appears without wearing anything on top, this surely caused thousands of Internet users a great sensation, because he was not wearing any clothes.


The publication was made on Twitter on February 17, 2012, although it is not an official account of the businesswoman and singer, it is not news that this photograph has circulated in various parts of the Internet to promote this new fragrance that according to to the list of their perfumes possibly ranks number 18 in the list of their 26.

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However, despite the emotion when hearing that the interpreter of “On The Floor“Next to Pitbull he appears without wearing anything, when they see the image they could be surprised because although it is evident that he has nothing on him, his parts cannot be seen due to the position in which the current couple is from Ben affleck.

Jennifer Lopez is sitting with her legs crossed, although one has her in front of the other, with one of her arms she covers her back charms and the other also holds one of her legs.

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It is possible that this Photo has been in several advertisements throughout 2012, in addition to this image, the singer and actress wears her wet style hair a little long below the shoulders this idea is extended in all advertising since her figure looks as if she is wet It is surely the shine they put on it to highlight her figure and specific parts of her body.

Since today Jennifer Lopez increased her number of followers even more, going from having 160 million followers to 161 million respectively, just as Kim Kardashian manages to increase this number without any complications.

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