Surprise Billie Eilish with controversial twerking Unexpected!

Surprise Billie Eilish with controversial twerking Unexpected! (EFE)

Surprise Billie Eilish with controversial twerking Unexpected! | .

The singer-songwriter Billie eilish He recently released his latest music video for the song “Therefore I Am” where he did something that surely no one expected, letting himself be carried away by the music with an audacious twerk leaving his fans surprised.

That’s right, although you may not believe it, Billie Eilish has surprised her followers by performing a s3xy twerking managing to completely turn on all social networks.

And it is that the singer has just released her latest music video for the song “Therefore I Am” and it is quickly becoming one of the favorites of the moment as expected.

Billie Eilish shared through her networks the behind-the-scenes video of the making of “Therefore I Am” and includes a s3xy dance while living with part of her production team and in this way her followers could love to watch her twerking and They pointed out that he doesn’t do it bad at all.

In the behind-the-scenes video you can see Billie taking a break from recording his music video and suddenly the A-lister decided to do some dance moves that ignited the networks.

The famous singer of songs like “Lovely” and “Ocean eyes” began to do some hip movements that are worthy of any reggaeton artist.

As we mentioned, Billie just released their latest music video for “Therefore I Am”, which is a nude-looking production that appears to have been shot on an iPhone, as the recording was captured at the Glendale Galleria Mall and showed a cameraman holding a phone and following the singer as she jumped and danced around the empty mall.

Empty mall at 4:00 am, you see us challenging ourselves to try not to dance and fail; this session was so chaotic that we had a lot of fun, “Billie said in her post.

Billie’s video so far has racked up more than 30 million views on the YouTube platform, but it doesn’t even come close to how good the behind-the-scenes twerking video she shared on her social media is.

It is worth mentioning that this new single is a preview of what will be his long-awaited second musical production and according to comments on various news portals, “Therefore I Am” seems to have a philosophical inspiration from the title itself to its cover, and in fact in its social networks Billie She expressed feeling nervous about this issue.

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I’m not your friend or anything, damn you, you think you’re the man. I think, therefore I exist. Stop, what the hell are you talking about? Get my pretty name out of your mouth, we are not the same, with or without … “, says part of the new song.

It is important to note that in total secrecy it has Billie eilish her musical novelties, since although she has already written several of her new songs, she has decided to keep their names secret and not give public details, although her followers ask her to do so on social networks, she prefers to leave them “with the curiosity”.

As you may recall, Billie, who is only 18 years old, launched at the beginning of this year 2020 the song “No time to die”, from the soundtrack for the next James Bond film that unfortunately has not been able to be released due to contingency sanitary and that took over from “Everything I wanted”, launched at the end of 2019.

No doubt Billie is the sensation of the moment in every corner of the world, since it has revolutionized music and also in the last Grammys made history by winning the four most important categories of these awards: best new artist, album of the year, song of the year and recording of the year.

Also as if that were not enough, he is considered a fashion icon, with his urban style, his neon hair, his long nails and now his eyeliner, in this way, Billie creates various trends that you can recreate.

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