Surprise baby of only one year for knowing how to count alone

Parents, particularly those who are first-time, live with many doubts about babies, especially in their first months of age, since everything is new and learning every day.

Many have different doubts regarding the development and growth of their baby, in particular around the age at which the little ones begin to do certain things, including crawling, walking, eating alone and even talking.

Experts in this last area indicate that generally, lBabies start to babble at 6 months but it is not until 1 year that they begin to say simple words like “mommy,” “daddy,” or “water.”

However, A baby has stolen everyone’s attention after his mother shared a video on TikTok where he can be seen doing something unimaginable.

The 23-year-old mother named Cassidy Hudson uploaded a video where she appears next to her son Cameron, only 1 year old, with whom he begins to count. Suddenly, the little boy manages to count only to number 8.

“I count things for him in our daily lives, like his fruit snacks or his toy cars while we play with them, but I didn’t know he had learned it so well,” said the mother from Clatskanie, Oregon.

The video of little Cameron counting alone has already reached more than 5 million views on his account, which already has more than 150,000 followers.

In other videos, little Cam is also seen being a great talkative; In addition, the mother ensures that her little one is already able to distinguish more than 10 different geometric shapes, as well as different colors.

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