‘Surge’ – Despite

Much ado About Nothing? Maybe I do, or maybe I don’t.

The debut of Aneil Karia is a supposedly fierce and incendiary work, one of which they neither leave nor want to leave indifferent. According to Filmin, “the ‘Joker’ that the Safdie brothers shot”. That of Joaqun Phoenix, those of ‘Diamonds in the Rough’.

Something like that, maybe yes. Or maybe not. Sometimes. To arreones.

An energetic and very powerful work on a visual level based on the no less powerful work of a Ben Whishaw that has rarely been better. Even despite a somewhat superficial and implausible script, or a dispersed derivative narrative. Despite working like a snowball downhill, due to the aggressive inertia of the fall.

Despite the fact that Joseph, its quiet and timid protagonist, is nothing more than a wimp to hit with saa. A slave to his particular descent into hell.

In spite of herself, of her excessive zeal to be who she is, in a true and furious leap of faith as incontestable as in short, and in its own way, captivating.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias


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