According to the authorities, it was an unusual incident in front of a beach protected by shark nets.

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AustraliaA surfer died Tuesday after he was attacked by a shark off the coast of the Australian city of Gold coast, in what authorities said was an unusual incident in front of a beach protected by shark nets.

With leg injuries, the man in his 50s was carried ashore by other surfers and lifeguards on popular Greenmount Beach, Queensland State Ambulance Service Supervisor William Houghton said.

Paramedics determined that he was already dead when he reached the beach, he added.

The death is the second fatal shark attack off one of Queensland’s 85 beaches that have been protected with shark nets and drum lines since 1962, the state government reported.

The latest lethal shark attack off a beach in Gold coast It was in 1958.

Shark nets are suspended from floats and parallel to the beaches. They are 186 meters (610 feet) long and 6 meters (20 feet) deep. Sharks can swim under nets and around their ends.

In 2017, a Senate inquiry found that Queensland’s shark nets do more harm than good. A Senate committee said the nets give people a false sense of security while causing protected marine species, such as whales and turtles, to become entangled and die.

The most recent lethal attack by a shark in Australia it happened north of Gold coast, near Fraser Island, on July 4. A 36-year-old fisherman died hours after he was bitten on the leg.

A 60-year-old surfer was killed after a 10-foot (3-meter) great white shark attacked him on an unprotected beach south of Gold coast, near Kingscliff, on June 7.