“Surely they are false things”, Silvia Pinal assures that Frida Sofía lies about Enrique’s abuse

Silvia Pinal finally broke the silence and confessed that he believes that his granddaughter Frida sofia is saying “false things” against her ex-husband Enrique Guzman, whom he pointed out for sexual abuse.

It was in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda where Silvia spoke for the first time of everything that is happening around his family and regarding the accusations that Frida made against Enrique, this was what he thought.

“I have not read what Frida Sofía says. I have not read it on purpose because I do not want to get dirty with false things, because surely they are false things”, He assured.

This despite the fact that at the time a statement came out in which he showed his support for his granddaughter. Now everything indicates that he retracted and does not believe him, on the contrary, he considers her ungrateful for not valuing everything that Alejandra Guzman has done for her.

“I’m not happy, I’m very upset, it makes me very unfair because Alejandra gives him what his father hasn’t given him. Alejandra gave him affection, respect, schools. Alejandra has been a good mother ”, expressed the actress.

On the other hand, the matriarch of the Pinal family also said that, although her ex-husband has some things that he does not like, he has others that make him a great human being and prefers not to give importance to comments that she considers false.

Shortly after Frida confessed to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante that her grandfather had abused her when she was 5 years old, Silvia had indicated that she extended her arms to her granddaughter and that she wanted to help her, but what she said in this interview has already made her real position clear in the face of the controversy that still surrounds them.

This controversy has certainly not stopped and only seems to get worse with time. Although for Alejandra’s daughter, the lack of support has not been a problem, since from the beginning she has been seen to face this situation on her own and has shown that she does not need her family to believe her to continue the legal battle against her Grandpa.

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