Supreme Court dismisses Trump case and blocking his critics on Twitter

The Supreme Court dismissed a case of the former president Donald trump about his decision to block his critics on Twitter.

The judges considered that there was a case, since Trump was permanently suspended from that social network Twitter and ended his presidential term in January.

On January 8, Twitter temporarily suspended the former president’s account after his followers’ violent irruption to the Capitol on January 6, but later the social network made that decision permanent.

The case in the Supreme Court It was about at least seven people who accused the former president’s blockade in May and June 2017, when he was already president.

The High Court also formally dismissed a Second Court of Appeals ruling that Trump violated the First Amendment by “silencing” a point of view against him.

The original lawsuit was filed by Knight Institute, But as the Republican was sued as president, when he left office the lawsuit lost strength, however the biggest problem for the complainants was that there was no longer an account. @realDonaldTrump, which had nearly 90 million followers.