Zoé Robledo announced the implementation of mechanisms to support health personnel fighting against COVID-19 at the IMSS

IMSS doctors who participate in the efforts to combat COVID-19 They will receive a series of extraordinary supports due to the health emergency.

Zoé Robledo, CEO of the Mexican Social Security Institute, confirmed this type of support in the space of Radio Formula by Joaquín López-Dóriga.

There are many vulnerabilities that health personnel have or fronts from which mechanisms for their protection must be sought.

Something that I think should be socialized is that, indeed, for many, for most Mexicans, the epidemic will be remembered as the days they had to be at home, looking for mechanisms to work remotely, to have a coexistence with children or remote classes, but for the Social Security staff, for the vast majority, it has meant many days of work, it has meant going outside, leaving loved ones, and also, in the case of health, go and face a disease that we do not know and that we are hardly knowing in the whole planet ”.

Just on Saturday that 120 days were completed, it seemed important to us that many of the agreements that since April were established with the National Union of Social Security Workers, we should see what is the level of progress in each of these points. I would distinguish them in three points ”.

Zoé Robledo said that 120 days after the onset of the COVID-19 emergency, at least three mechanisms were put in place to support IMSS health personnel.

One is economic compensation, it is a matter of justice, that someone who is working, and working more than usual, receives financial compensation, that is not a problem in these days of pandemic.

The first element in this sense was the creation of the COVID Bonus, which is an economic recognition, it is a 20 percent overpayment for all the personnel who care for COVID-19 patients, this means doctors, doctors, nurses but also It includes many other categories like hygiene and cleanliness, laundries, kitchen technicians, ambulance operators who are also susceptible. Of these COVID Bonuses, 167 thousand workers have been paid 13 payrolls and we have already covered an amount of 871 million pesos. It is a large amount, a large budgetary effort but the size of the effort they have made, the commitment they have shown.

Another important element that has to do with rights is that since April, for all workers, COVID-19 was going to be considered an occupational disease for those who got it, both for administrative personnel, health personnel who be infected, you have to be calm because that temporary disability is going to be covered. We started to have some lag, a process a bit slow because it is filling many formats, so what we did was automate it so that the forms are summarized in one called ST9 but it will be centralized and in 10 days all requests must be resolved.

The other is the merit notes, which is a very interesting concept, very of the Social Security that, as its name says, those personnel who by punctuality, assistance, by disposition to change some affiliation, or people who have moved from hospital, which works to join another COVID team or that have even changed status, to go and attend where it is most needed, they receive notes of merit and these are beginning to pay tomorrow, they are about 28 thousand workers that they will receive these financial incentives.

It is the most important strategic activity that we have in Social Security. Every day, many people dedicate a large part of our time to seeing the delivery, distribution and acquisition of personal protective equipment. “

Regarding the supply of supplies to attend COVID-19 patients in IMSS hospitals, Robledo indicated:

To give us an idea of ​​the volume, there are about 800 thousand items among goggles, face masks, N95 respirators, gloves, and gowns that are delivered weekly in Social Security hospitals, in warehouses and then in medical units and we also have to guarantee that they are of the best quality ”.

He explained that at this time there are supplies at the national level for six weeks and that although some units lack supplies, they seek to resolve.

We do not have a situation that we had a few weeks ago where practically daily, we had a justified claim from our staff but it has been covered over time, especially thinking that, over time, we will continue to have several stages. Sometime in winter the coronavirus is going to cross with seasonal influenza and we have to be ready. It is a long race. ”

The head of the IMSS indicated that they continue to work with the industry to prevent outbreaks in work areas and to allocate resources so that workers receive training to return to activities.

“We will not return to things as they were, we will have new things, new habits, signs or physical barriers,” he said.

Finally, with regard to hospital capacity, Robledo indicated that in Mexico it is not possible to speak of hospital saturation and that for this, work has been done on the rehabilitation and start-up of new hospitals in advance.

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