Supermodel Bella Hadid Receives Wide Support On Instagram After Condemning “Ethnic Cleansing” Against Palestinian People

During the last hours, the American supermodel of Palestinian descent Bella Hadid (younger sister of the also model Gigi Hadid) has garnered millions of ‘likes’ in a series of publications on her Instagram account, through which she has condemned the “colonization” and the “ethnic cleansing” carried out against the Palestinian people by Israel.

“This is not about religion. It is not about expressing hatred towards one side or the other. It is about Israeli colonization, ethnic cleansing, military occupation and apartheid against the Palestinian people, which has been going on for YEARS ”, stated Hadid in the first post, which already accumulates almost two million ‘likes’ and has been Applauded by other celebrities, including singer SZA, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, and model Adut Akech.

Hadid also appealed to those who claim that Palestine “is not real”, stressing that it is “very real” and that “the Palestinian people are here to stay and coexist, as they always have.”

In another post, the supermodel criticized people who support human rights movements but ignore Palestine, and shared a video in which the former challenger for the US Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, claims that “being critical before a right-wing government in Israel it does not mean being anti-Semitic.

Hadid’s posts come on the third day of fighting between the Israeli armed forces and Palestinian militants based in Gaza. The clashes began on Monday, following intense demonstrations over the eviction of Palestinian residents from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and the violent police crackdowns that followed.

Source: RT

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