To show their support for the protests against police brutality, Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder showed Superman joining the protests and defending protesters in this comic.

The days are quite intense in the United States, with protests and demonstrations throughout the country in response to the death of the African American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer. The black community and many other Americans have taken to the streets under the slogan Black Lives Matter to protest against the situation of police brutality, and since this episode is unfortunately not at all new, it has also had its corresponding counterpart in the comic pages. .

In Action Comics nÂș43, of Greg Pack, Aaron Kuder and Tomeu Morey, There are also street protests, although the issue is quite different as they gather peacefully to defend Superman after the latter’s secret identity has been revealed to the public. Local police advise protesters that they have five minutes to disperse, but they are all sprayed with pepper spray before this time limit has expired.

Police are about to start a charge against the protesters, who show no sign of being aggressive during the sit-in, and Superman appears at just the right time to block the police and protect the protesters. It is later revealed that the police sergeant in charge of the situation and who gave the green light to the attacks on the protesters was actually a shadow creature that the man of steel was fighting against, turning the story into an interesting insight into the police brutality and how “a bad apple corrupts the rest of the bag”.

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To show his support for the current protests, Aaron Kuder tweeted the image of Superman protecting protesters, explaining that “I have been reminded that this image is already five years old. Superman is not the most important character in this image. Black lives matter. “

Superman has always been one of the heroes with a greater sense of peace and justice, so putting him in such a situation was more than natural for the authors. Specifically with the series Action comics It sought to return to the origins and the golden age of Superman, in which he mainly fought against social injustices and defended citizens, although for this more modern series more contemporary topics such as police brutality were touched upon.