Superman is going to star in a new manga in which he is going to face something unexpected

Superman is one of the most iconic and important superheroes in the world. Its impact on popular culture around the world is undeniable. Of course, the manga and anime industry is no exception. At this point it is no secret that Akira Toriyama was inspired by this character to create Goku from Dragon Ball. Its impact has recently been seen in the My Hero Academia manga that focuses on the heir to a Superman hero called All Might.

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It is not strange if we take into account that the comic arrived in Japan thanks to American soldiers in World War II. Even in 1959 DC wanted to make a Japanese version of the character for that market. The person in charge of that project was Tatsuo Yoshida, who is best known for being the creator of Meteor.

In 2021 we are going to see a Superman manga, but one that fans on this side of the world would not expect. Recently the Kodansha publishing house (via Comic Book) announced that it will collaborate with DC in the publication of a manga titled Superman VS Meshi:

A new official Superman manga series focusing on the character eating at Japanese restaurants will begin running in Evening magazine Issue 14 of 2021, which comes out on June 22. [Se llama] Superman VS Meshi, which will be written by Miyagawa Satoshi and drawn by Kitago Kai.

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For those who have not guessed with that ad meshi means food. In other words, although he is not going to stop being a superhero, the series will focus on him eating various typical dishes of Japanese cuisine. We have already seen him face Batman in the movies, we have already seen him face Goku in several YouTube videos and in the imagination of more than one fan. Now it is his turn to face cymbals like the katsudon in a manga.

Judging from what has been said, it sounds like it will be a series in the same manga line as Wakakozake and Silver Nina, but starring the last son of Krypton. For those who do not know those sleeves. The first is about an office worker named Wakako who in each chapter goes to a bar or food stall to try a different dish and pair it with an alcoholic drink. The second is about a half-Finnish, half-Japanese girl and while she explores her day-to-day life with her relatives and friends, she actually focuses on showing her reactions to the various dishes and traditions of Japan.

Both sleeves have had the function of introducing several foreigners to lesser-known dishes of Japanese gastronomy such as horse meat sashimi or ankimo ponzu, whose main ingredient is monkfish liver. Japan is definitely not just ramen and sushi and hopefully that will become clear in this strange new Superman manga.

It has not been announced that it will be published on this side of the world, but if it does well there that will always be a possibility in the future. It is the type of manga that could interest people who want to know more about the gastronomy of that country, which if we abound in this part of the planet.

Changing the subject completely, William Jackson Harper recently spoke of how surprised he was to learn that a tweet asking him to be Superman went viral:

That definitely blew me away. I was doing another interview and this guy was like this: ‘Yes, this has 55,000 likes’ and I said: What? Why? Who knows me? But that would be amazing. That would be the best thing that could happen to me, to be able to play Superman. I don’t want to diet and exercise.

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