Superman is chosen as the most hated superhero franchise and the most loved is The Incredibles

We live in a world where there is a relatively wide variety of superhero movies to choose from. We have the 23 Marvel movies, the 33 live-action DC movies (and if we count their animated movies the list increases considerably). To this must be added the films of heroes that do not belong to these two houses, such as Hellboy – 81%, The Incredibles – 97%, Rocketeer: Rocket Man – 61% and a long etc. It is a genre that has no face that it will lose its popularity anytime soon. It is something that had already been seen with the western genre. For many decades he was the undisputed king of the box office. It was gradually falling from the public’s taste. It still exists, but they are already sporadic examples.

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The question remains as to whether the same is going to happen to superhero movies. It is possible, but it does not necessarily have to happen. On the one hand, the MCU gives the impression of being designed to tell different stories without stalling for a long time; that is to say, it is seen that they planned it taking into account what happened to westerns. On the other hand, they have the advantage that a large number of comic book stories are still being produced and that these, like the movies, are exploring all the possibilities and limits of the genre.

That said, there are two unavoidable questions to ask yourself: What is the most hated franchise? and which is the most loved? wanted to resolve those doubts and began to analyze all the franchises in the genre, taking into account their rating on Rotten Tomatoes and how well or badly they have done at the box office. What was the method for dividing the franchises? This is what they said:

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We select all films that span each of the franchises, including subseries within a larger franchise (for example, The Avengers, Hombre de Hierro and Captain America inside the MCU) and the reboots of a series (for example, we took all the movies from Spider-man as a single franchise, including those [el personaje] is portrayed by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland)

In that sense, all the Batman movies were a franchise, but all the DCEU movies were taken as a different one, although they did not take Zack Snyder’s Justice League into account – 82% r.

With such a methodology, the results can be affected by the size of the franchises. One that has only two movies is more likely to do well compared to one that has five or six movies, as there is a better chance that one of them has been a disaster and ends up outshining the best tapes of it. That is what happened.

The most hated franchise was Superman with an average approval rating of 48%. The culprits for this were Supergirl – 7% with 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, Superman IV, Seeking Peace – 12% with 11% on and Superman III – 26% with 30%. Those ratings threw 94% of Superman: The Movie overboard – 93%. The second most hated franchise was Batman. The movies you are thinking about were the culprits, like Batman & Robin – 11%, but also Catwoman – 9% and her infamous 9%. In fact, Supergirl And these are the two worst-rated superhero movies.

What was the most loved franchise? The Incredibles – 97% with 96%. It is not surprising because it only has two films that were very well received by the public and by critics, something not unusual at Pixar. Here we leave you the top 5 of the most hated and loved, according to this study. It will not surprise anyone to see some of the MCU in the most loved and several of DC in the most hated, for the reasons stated.

1. Superman: 48%

2. Batman: 59%

3. DCEU: 59%

4. Wolverine: 67%

5. X-Men: 67%

1. The Incredibles: 96%

2. Guardians of the Galaxy: 89%

3. Captain America: 87%

4. Avengers: 86%

5. Deadpool: 85%

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