Supergirl will appear in the Flash and will be Sasha Calle

Argentine director Andy Muschietti’s film you just made a new addition to the cast of Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck. Now it has been confirmed that Supergirl will appear in the long-awaited film that Flashpoint would adapt to the cinema and the actress who will interpret it will be Sasha Calle.

This announcement was made through DC’s Twitter account but it was through a video call between director Andy with the actress, first speaking in Spanish because she lived in Colombia a few years ago. The video is below:

The Flash will be Supergirl’s first film appearance after the eighties film with Helen Slater and at the same time Sasha Calle’s debut on the big screen.

According to information from Deadline, the director had auditioned several times to find the right Supergirl:

«I saw more than 400 auditions. The talent was incredible and it was a very difficult decision to make, but we finally found the actress who was destined to play Supergirl. “

supergirl the flash

And before she gets to don the Supergirl costume on The Flash, here’s a video of Sasha Calle talking about her character as Lola Rosales in the morning drama for which she earned a Daytime Emmy nomination.

the flash

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