A long, long time ago… well, not so long. In March, during the Nintendo Direct Mini presentation, the Big N gave a clue about the first new character that would release the second Fighter Pass with new content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. ARMS, one of the new IPs that came along with Nintendo Switch, would be the main protagonist this time (which is logical considering the boxing theme of this title). They pointed us to June as the month in which they would reveal more details, especially to specify which character of the many available would be in charge of representing this game. We won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and ARMS

Nintendo’s Twitter accounts have announced it to hype: the next June 22 at 4:00 p.m. CEST We have an appointment with Masahiro Sakurai, who will delight us again with one of his classic « presentations ». 35 minutes in which this new contender will be revealed, his movements and combat mechanics will be analyzed in depth, we will see the new scenario and the melodies introduced … and little else.

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And the « little more » thing is important, since the company has specified that this presentation will focus solely and exclusively on showing this new fighter. Therefore, the fans who are waiting for Sakurai to advance the next DLC … well, they have to forget about that possibility.

Possibly, based on the occasions above, this Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation will also mark the automatic launch of this DLC, so players who have purchased the second Fighter Pass may be able to enjoy it immediately.