Super Rush announced for Nintendo Switch. Hole in one!

Golf, despite what many may think, is a sport that has always given a lot of play in the world of video games. And as we all know, our beloved preferred plumber has almost no discipline to resist. However, it is true that, unfortunately, we have had to wait up to a decade between some deliveries. No, we are not facing the most prolific saga of the Great N. Fortunately, the drought comes to an end with Mario Golf: Super Rush.

The recent Nintendo Direct has left us a few bombshells still echoing in our heads. And one of them is, without a doubt, Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo switch. New installment of the Kyoto sports saga that will allow us to enjoy, once again, together with Mario and company, this fascinating sport in a fun and eminently arcade way. As if that were not enough, the official announcement has revealed a multitude of options at our disposal, as well as the existence of a story mode. And the thing does not end here, since its publication date has even been announced. The game is scheduled to launch on June 25.

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Source: Nintendo Direct