Super Nintendo World already has a date to open its park in 2021

Universal Studios Japan announces the official opening date for its Mario and company theme park: Super Nintendo World.

It seems that it is a memory of another life. But many of us still have in mind the moment when we were presented with that spectacular video of the Super Nintendo World amusement park.

This amusement center was assembled with the support of Universal Studios Japan and its opening ceremony was destined to become one of the most anticipated events of this 2020. It was just the month of January.

But then the pandemic arrived and that, like many other projects that involved massive crowds of people, were canceled. Until now.

The park opens in 2021

Through your official Universal Studios Japan Twitter account has finally revealed the final opening date of its Super Nintendo World. And it turns out that it would be in a relatively short time: February 4, 2021.

The date comes just in time for the beginning of spring 2021 in those territories, and in celebration of the announcement, the people of the studio have released a spectacular video where we can see in more detail what the attractions of the park are like.

Although it is only 47 seconds that the audiovisual lasts, we can verify once again that each game in Super Nintendo World will be like a complete level of any Mario game:

This obviously does not mean that the pandemic is over by that time. In fact, Universal announced that it will implement special security measures at the entrance to take care of attendees from possible infections.

And they better do it, since to be honest the attractions look relatively small considering how many people could end up bursting the place.