Super Meat Boy Co-Creator Praises Xbox Series S

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Although celebrated for being a very accessible option, the Xbox Series S is also seen from a perspective that calls into question its validity in an era where consoles are expected to make a significant leap in terms of graphics and visual performance, especially not to lagging so far behind the PC. Despite this, more and more developers give a vote of confidence to the Microsoft console and this time Tommy Refenes did the same.

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Super Meat Boy co-creator gave Xbox Series S a vote of confidence

During an interview with Gamingbolt, Tommy Refenes, co-creator of Super Meat Boy, spoke about the potential of Xbox Series S and the possibilities it has as hardware in this new generation. In that sense, the creative considered that the console, despite its limitations, has everything to show off the games of the ninth generation: “yes, I think it will. I mean, you can have some lower quality effects, some shadows and elements rough looking and stuff, but overall having a game running at 1440p at 60FPS is pretty good. It could make a 5-8 year difference, but I imagine by then even the Series X and PS5 will be nearing the end of their cycle. of life if they have not yet been eclipsed by their respective improved and more powerful versions. “

After the launch of Xbox Series S, the developers of the horror game The Medium, Bloober Team, considered it to be a capable console to deal with the new generation. Also, a Unity developer followed suit and asked for a vote of confidence for the hardware.

Do you think Xbox Series S will be able to with the games of the ninth generation of consoles?

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