The person in charge of Pirelli in F1 has been an ambulance volunteer for 30 years

These days help in the coronavirus crisis in Milan

The head of Pirelli in Formula 1, Mario Isola, has temporarily left the circuits to put himself on the front line in the war against the coronavirus, as a volunteer in one of the ambulances of the Croce Viola association in Milan.

Formula 1 is turning to the coronavirus crisis with donations and the manufacture of respirators, but beyond that there are characters from the Great Circus who are on the front line to help at the moment. One of them is the top manager of Pirelli in Formula 1, Mario Isola, who is volunteering these days in an ambulance at the ‘epicenter’ of the outbreak in Italy, in Milan.

The Italian takes advantage of the break in the queen category to help critical patients near the Pirelli factory. The death of more than 7,500 people in Lombardy has made Isola decide to contribute its grain of sand in this health crisis. Mario fulfilled the 15 days of confinement that corresponded to him when he returned from Australia and when these were finished, he had his first night shift last night in one of the ambulances of the Croce Viola in Milan.

Croce Viola: Donate here to help against the coronavirus!

Although this is an extraordinary service, Mario has been a volunteer ambulance driver for 30 years. “I keep taking turns in the same ambulance as a volunteer and doing what I can to help. Because there are coronaviruses in Italy does not mean that other people get sick, so the role of volunteers becomes even more important and I am spending the maximum time possible to the ambulance, “Isola comments in statements for the official website of Formula 1.

“The hardest part of the job is that you cannot take any family member of the patient in the ambulance to the hospital,” Isola acknowledges in words for The Sun.

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