Super League: Which teams should play?

The European Super League it continues with its simmering, with the great teams of the continent as promoters of a competition that can change football as we know it. Although the UEFA has a plan so that the tournament does not come to fruition, the commitment of some of the leading entities on the continental scene aims to bring this new championship to success, although still with doubts about how to work and, above all, which teams should obtain a fixed square.

The clubs that have already been in favor of the creation of the Super League, in the case of Real Madrid Y Barcelona and others like Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United or PSG, they doubt about the making of the competition. In a first draft, the option of giving a fixed place to 15 of the 18 teams participating in the tournament was proposed. In this way, the bulk would repeat year after year and only three entities would have the opportunity to enjoy the dispute of the new championship.

However, the drivers now have the alternative of reduce the payroll of fixed equipment from 15 to 11, leaving more options for the new ones, and thus ensuring a higher competitive level of the tournament, without teams with a reality inferior to others that can be left out, even having competitive arguments to set a good role.

Thus, among the teams that could enter the reduction is an Italian team, one or two English teams and a Spanish one, which would be the Atlético de Madrid. The particular case of the colchoneros is striking since, as it slides from the hard core of the Super League, the reason for their potential expulsion from the fixed teams is due to their lack of opinion about the tournament. If you position yourself in favor of the European Super League, the rojiblanco box would have a fixed square.

The model by which the Super league is similar to the Euroleague. The change in format of the maximum continental basketball competition meant a fixed place for teams of the size of CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce, Real Madrid or Barcelona. However, others such as Valencia Basket, Zenit or Alba Berlin have had to attend this edition through an invitation or the Eurocup title. Thus, these newly elected places allow, as would happen in the Super League, a variation between the teams participating in the tournament.

The Milan Case

Among the special cases is that of Milan, which leads the conversations around another of the dilemmas of the promoters of the Super League. The Italian team is one of the historical ones in European football and the second club with the most Champions in history, with seven championships. However, it has been seven years since the Italians have qualified for the Champions League dispute, so in the Super League they doubt whether to reward the history or the current reality of this group of clubs, in which they could also enter the Amsterdam Ajax or the Port.

The UEFA He reappears as an enemy of the Super League, in a special setting, drawn against his own spirit. The body is even willing to ignore or leave sporting results in the background and thus be able to continue counting on some of the big clubs that aim to go to the Super league as a priority European competition, leaving a classic like the Champions League, which would lose part of its meaning if the competition that appears on the horizon as its kryponite is quickly organized.