Episode 3 of the new anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes has already been released. If you liked the films of the franchise, attention, many surprises are coming.

In the last hours, the new anime episode of Super dragon ball heroes, a promotional work based on the arcade card game that has been sweeping Japan for years. Do you want to know what has happened in this new installment?

If you love the movies of the franchise, this episode (and those that come) will enchant you, not in vain Fu He has decided to recruit great enemies from the past, really powerful beings who made it very difficult for him Goku and company.

We do not know how Fu has managed to resurrect all these warriors fallen in combat, but we have characters as mythical as Super A-17, Bojack or Turlesas well as a really mysterious scientist …

Of course, Fu will not have anything easy, because once gathered … Bojack starts fighting with Turles, and is that he can not ignore the rejection and hatred he feels for the Saiyans! After an exchange of blows, they calm down and begin to listen to Fu’s plan, since he has gathered them to finish off Goku and his friends.

In the meantime, Trunks, Pan, Vegeta and Goku go on the trail of Fu, reaching some of the most mysterious rocky mountains. It is at that moment when Bojack and Turles appear before them. We are facing a very interesting moment, since Goku recognizes Turles without problems and Vegeta also identifies Bojack at the moment, proving that we are facing a series that follows in the wake of the movies of the 90s. Will we be facing that same universe parallel to the canon?

It is also curious how Bojack remembers Goku, and is that he does not manage to forget his celestial appearance with which he helped his son Gohan, making possible the awakening of Super Saiyan 2 and his subsequent defeat (in fact, we tell you something curious at the end) . And without further ado, the fighting begins. Goku against Turles, and Vegeta against Bojack. The Earth Saiyans seem to handle themselves smoothly, especially by becoming Super Saiyan Blue, but …

These rivals have evolved and are not what they were. Now, they harbor an evil aura that enhances their power much more, even matching the Blue level. What is happening? Is it a Fu thing? The truth is that the son of Miira and To WA He has also just appeared on the scene, on top of a rocky mountain … What will he want?

To top it off, the episode takes us to a volcanic area, where we can appreciate Goku and Vegeta, this time, the time patrollers from another dimension (yes, those who can become Super Saiyan 4). Well, they just ran into the mysterious scientist that we were talking about at the beginning … who will it be? Will it be a longtime rival to the movies?


1- There is something very curious to note, and that is that Bojack has a new scar on his stomach, one that he did not have in the feature film of the 90s. Why? Because it is the deadly wound he caused Gohan in The Silver Warriors. They have spun fine!

And so we end our post today! What did you think of this episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes? We have been reminded of the golden age of the franchise, with those mythical enemies of the movies.

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Tell us your opinion about this chapter and … pay attention! Tomorrow we will return with another analysis, this time, of Dragon Ball Z. Kai, Kai!


A swift and fast promotional episode, in the vein of this anime series. The recovery of great enemies from the past is appreciated, and that Goku and Vegeta interact with them giving continuity to those plots of the 90s movies. That yes, some scene loose graphically.

The best

The reappearance of mythical characters from movies like Bojack or Turles. The appearance and design of the Xeno. Continuity with the movies.


It becomes very short. Some scene from the Vegeta and Bojack match goes limp.