Summer silhouette, Kylie Jenner defeats Demi Rose in swimsuit

Summer silhouette, Kylie Jenner defeats Demi Rose in a swimsuit | Instagram

If it is about elegance and style, the surname is Kardashian-Jenner. The beautiful businesswoman of the clan, Kylie Jenner surprised her followers on Instagram by sharing a couple of photos in a swimsuit with which she defeated the beautiful British model Demi Rose.

Kylie showed elegance and style in the middle of Easter by showing off her beautiful and famous anatomy in a brown two-piece swimsuit with which she stole the sighs of Internet users. The followers of Kylie Jenner were captivated by her beauty when they saw her photo session taken by herself with the help of a mirror, they found that she does not need something very elaborate to look really beautiful.

Surely like the popular Demi Rose, the sister of Kim kardashian He decided to enjoy the Sun and the water these days, as well as the company of his already mentioned sister, with whom he was seen enjoying himself on a cot.

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The founder of Kylie cosmetycs She used for her photographs as extra accessories only a huge hat that the girls love because it largely covers the sun’s rays and a delicate chain on her waist that emphasized her voluptuous curves that are constantly being admired on social networks. .

The influencer also shared her photos a day ago on her official Instagram account and surpassed 7 million reactions on the famous social network where she has more than 200 million followers, placing herself as one of the queens of Instagram, surpassing even her famous sisters, Kim, Kendall, Kourtney and Klhoé.

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Kylie jenner She knows that her beauty is enough and more than enough to surprise Instagram, which is why she only added the words “pool days” to the description of the images. Social networks have witnessed the holidays of the protagonists of Keeping up with the Kardashians and they are more than grateful that they share their beauty and curves for their followers.

For her part, apparently the beautiful Demi Rose has focused more on enjoying than sharing content for her followers; However, they do not blame him since they know that he works hard all year to pamper them and always give them more content.

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Demi Rose is linked to the Kardashians, as she has been compared to Kim for her prominent curves, while she has been linked to the socialite Kylie for having been with her ex-partner, Tyga; They assure the model was the third in contention.