Summer 2020: the best nail trends for this season | Unsplash

As we well know, nails have become one more accessory that reflects our personality and our style. A clear example that nails are loaded with personality are the famous ones like Kylie Jenner and Rosalía. And this summer 2020, will not be the exception.

Unlike other summers, During this season, the trends are aligned to sober, minimalist but full of color designs. Like artists, nail designers are inspired by contemporary art and a bit of the runways to bring fashion into our hands.

Despite being from home, it is not a pretext to have your nails neglected, so here We give you a couple of ideas to get inspired and get creative to experiment with these designs. From French manicure, different nail shapes and a lot of color is what you can see now on regarding beauty this summer.

Summer 2020: the best nail trends for this season

Inverted French Manicure

The traditional French manicure has been forgotten with this new nail design for this season. The white tips are replaced by vivid colors and this is added to the cuticles as well. The tips in red are the ones that have stood out the most in these weeks.

As in makeup, the details of pearls, dots and small designs such as miniature flowers and in a minimalist way are the most chic of the season. Undoubtedly, this summer in the manicure, the experts implement the Chanel ideology “Less is more”.

Vibrant colors are the banner of summer and all of this 2020. However, pastel colors will have a special place, because they will be combined with a sober and simple style. If you have simple but impressive tastes, pastel colors will be your ally.

Despite the fact that metallic colors are associated with the coldest seasons of the year, you can opt for gold colors as details on your nails. Remember that when the sun hits your nails they will shine dramatically.

That’s right, natural nails with a rounded tip will be part of the trends, so ask your manicurist to apply a natural shine to your nails and a perfect file, in case you want something more romantic, opt for a pale pink so that be consistent with this trend.

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