Summer 2020: Easy and Stylish Hairstyles for Short Hair | Unsplash

This summer 2020 what stylists and image consultants they agree is one thing: Short hair is the trend. Unlike other years, with extra long hair and California highlights, the trends of this 2020 they boil down to the classic long bob and short bob.

As we saw in various celebrities and some fashion bloggers, the haircut is long enough to be able to do hairstyles. Similarly, if you prefer to keep your hair long, These hairstyles can also look on your hair without any problem.

Summer 2020: Easy and Stylish Hairstyles for Short Hair

This hairstyle is characterized by making a line in the middle of your hair and doing a low chongito hairstyle, which in addition to being an easy hairstyle to do, It will make you look like an elegant woman. This hairstyle is ideal for going to the office, a small gathering with friends or family.

Like short hair, the bangs are a cut that will stay in style throughout this 2020. So just doing a simple updo with your hair will be more than enough to be at home or go anywhere.

The 90s and their hairstyles will also be on trend, so a half or semi-gathered tail will show off your loose locks and with volume at the top of your head.

Kim Kardashian-style, wet hair effect will also be on trend And the best part is that it doesn’t need to be that elaborate. To do it, you just have to wash your hair, remove excess water and without letting it dry completely, comb it back and apply gel or wax to fix it.

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