The post-confinement summer, with the health crisis open, is going to be weird on general television. If this time is already marked in the television calendar as a low season waiting for the start of the new course in September, this time, with the productions of series and programs paralyzed for weeks, and advertising revenue down, the saving mode is in the mind of all the chains: they will recover programs saved in the drawer and will keep their spaces live. Although there can always be a surprise, as happened in the summer of 2016 with First Dates. And in addition, the major sports competitions that marked the calendar this year have been postponed.

The summer of 2020 promised to be a paradise for sports and television lovers, until the pandemic arrived. The Eurocopa of soccer that was going to be celebrated in several countries, among them Spain from this Friday and that was going to emit Mediaset until July 12? Postponed to 2021. The Tokyo Olympic Games, a great TVE classic every four years, that were to be held between July 24 and August 9? Postponed to 2021. The Tour de France? We will have to wait until September. This year there will not even be the traditional tense morning minutes of the Sanfermines running of the bulls on TVE. What there will be is a lot of First and Second division football, with the broadcast of more than 230 games until July 19, but in payment.


On TVE, the bet will be the premiere of Typical Spanish, a contest that examines celebrities about their knowledge of Spain and that recalls old television hits from another era such as ¿Qué apostamos? or Grand Prix. “It is a cool summer program, it is pure and simple family entertainment, as we like to do on TVE. If it is also didactic and you can enjoy and get to know our country, then it is wonderful ”, said last Tuesday Toñi Prieto, director of entertainment for TVE, during the presentation of the space, which will be presented by Frank Blanco.

The show had to stop its recordings during confinement, something viewers will notice at home. “We started when we were not yet confined, the public is an important part of the format. The fourth program could no longer be had and when we returned we have transformed the set, with balconies and virtual audiences, who have seen the recordings live from their homes, « explained Ana Rivas, Entertainment Director of Shine Iberia.

The public network also plans the premiere of the Blocked by the Wall skill contest, with Àngel Llacer at the forefront, and the return of a new installment of Blood Ties. This program, with Boris Izaguirre, will occupy from Wednesday the gap left by Operation triumph, and this season will review the lives of characters such as Carmen Sevilla, Sara Montiel, Ángel Nieto and Albano, among others.


A recent summer classic, the closing Survivors, will not be seen this summer. The final used to be in the penultimate week of July, but Telecinco brought forward the broadcast of his reality star in the absence of Big Brother. The Mediaset network has been leading the audience for 21 consecutive months and much of that success is in its reality shows and the galas and live debates. Therefore, his biggest bet these months will be La casa fuerte, which premiered on Thursday night (2,124,000 viewers and a 22.3% share of screen) and that the network could extend until August. In this reality show, a kind of Big Brother re-adaptation, a group of celebrities fight through tests and coexistence challenges for a sum of money, which varies according to the expertise of the contestants. Jorge Javier Vázquez will be accompanied by Sonsoles Ónega and Nuria Marín.

« In this atypical summer, we will continue betting on our channels for a high percentage of live production programming, which allows us to combine entertainment with current events at a time of high demand for information due to the consequences of the coronavirus crisis, » they comment. Mediaset fonts. The group reports that it will include in its summer proposal, apart from La casa fuerte, formats of different genres such as magazines, contests and reports, as well as foreign fiction (in August 2018, the open premiere of The Good Doctor was the great summer success from Telecinco). Telecinco will also test a late night with Cristina Tárrega, “Nocturnal Animals” during the summer, a type of program in which the presenter is already a veteran after her time on Telemadrid with spaces such as Territorio Comanche (2006-2012). The premiere will be on Monday at 00.30.


In Atresmedia the summer presents content. The objective after the complicated situation with the health crisis is to invest the resources of the next two months in starting productions and recording content for the next season. Even so, Antena 3 premiered Improvisando on Monday, an entertainment program with Arturo Valls that the chain had kept in the drawer since 2018. The big news will be the premiere of the Turkish soap opera Mujer in prime time, on a date to be confirmed . Turkish series, such as Fatmagül, Hercai or Kara Sevda, have been very well received by the public in chains such as Nova or Divinity in recent years and apart from bringing them to prime time for the first time on an open network, Antena 3 prepares Alba , a series inspired by Fatmagül, which will be performed by Elena Rivera.

Atresmedia’s big bet is its online content platform, Atresplayer Premium, which it will reinforce during the summer months with the continuation of Veneno (the series created by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo on the vedette of the nineties takes up again in July the end of its filming, like Luimelia, the spin off of Amar is forever), and recently released products such as the comedy Benidorm or the documentary series Pongamos que hablo de Sabina. Apart from the filming of Veneno and Luimelia, Atresmedia will begin this summer to record Debts and Disappointments, Castamar’s cook and the return of Los hombres de Paco, the latter with much of the original cast, and the second season of the El juego de the Rings.