Summary, results and goals of Portugal 2-2 France of Eurocopa


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Alba Lopez

He had not offered any signs of life so far. But he appeared just in time to qualify France as group leader. We talk about Karim Benzema, a free verse who today met again with his country against Portugal with two goals that are worth one potosí after almost six years in exile. Cristiano Ronaldo did his thing on the Portuguese side. Two more penalty shots to add to your score. The Juventus forward surpasses Miroslav Klose as the all-time top scorer in World Cups and Euro Cups. In the next round, France will face Switzerland and Portugal will face Belgium.




Rui Patrício; Semedo (Dalot, 79 ‘), Pepe, Rúben Dias, Guerreiro; Danilo (Palhinha, 46 ‘), Moutinho (Neves, 72’), Renato Sanches (Oliveira, 88 ‘); Bernardo Silva (Bruno Fernandes, 72 ‘), Diogo Jota, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Lloris; Koundé, Varane, Kimpembe, Lucas Hernández (Digne, 46 ‘) (Rabiot, 52’); Pogba, Kanté, Tolisso (Coman, 66 ‘); Griezmann (Sissoko, 87 ‘); Benzema, Mbappé.


1-0 M. 31 Cristiano Ronaldo, from a penalty. 1-1 M. 45 + 2 Benzema, from a penalty. 1-2 M. 47 Benzema. 2-2 M. 60 Cristiano Ronaldo, from a penalty.


Mateu Lahoz (Spain). TA: Lloris (28 ‘), Lucas Hernández (36’), Griezmann (40 ‘) and Kimpembe (83’).


Puskas Arena. 67,000 viewers.

They moved both Fernando Santos and Didier Deschamps compared to previous matches. The Portuguese coach presented the novelty of Renato Sanches in the medullary, while the Frenchman reinforced the right side with the Sevillista Koundé with the idea of ​​stopping Cristiano Ronaldo. He also ushered Tolisso through Rabiot in search of more muscle in the engine room.

Trifles. Because the good guys appeared. Pogba, who is a private in Manchester, acts as captain general in France and showed it with a delicious pass into space over Mbappé that the PSG forward wasted by shooting the doll. From there, nothing in a blue key.

Before, Portugal had warned with a couple of approaches that did not have a happy ending. The Portuguese were at ease, letting people do and hurt each time they went against them. The award, however, came from set pieces, in a symphonic center in Moutinho that forced Lloris to disguise himself as Mazinger Z and take his fists out to knock out Danilo Pereira inside the area so that he did not score. The penalty was transformed by the usual one, a Cristiano Ronaldo who has made eleven meters a way of life to extend his scoring career.

When the ‘roosters’ were having the worst Mateu Lahoz came to the rescue, inventing a penalty from Semedo on Mbappé that the VAR did not inexplicably correct. Benzema took advantage of the gift of the Magi to score again with his team. He had not done so since October 18, 2015, when he scored a double against Armenia.

The madridista repeated after the break at two minutes blessed by the VAR, who reviewed a possible offside of his but gave the green light to the goal after another great assist from a magnanimous Pogba. Karim was definitely back.

The party seemed on track for the French, but Semedo messed it up, taking his arm out for a walk in a play without apparent danger that led to the third penalty of the match. Cristiano, of course, was on time for his appointment to continue making history.

The last half hour was a fight of the titans, with France putting all the meat on the spit. Digne, who had entered the field of play in the second half, was forced to leave it due to injury after seven minutes. And then it was Semedo who said enough for muscular problems. Griezmann, who tried everything, did not have the day and ended up being substituted in the final stage. In the end, tables between the European and world champion. The real battles begin now.

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