The league escapes Barça. The Catalans added their second consecutive draw in the competition against a Atlético de Madrid who could take a much bigger prize from the Camp Nou. The game was carried out by Hernández Hernández, who blew three penalties during the match, two of them very doubtful and sent one of them to be repeated.

Barça went ahead twice on the scoreboard, but he did not know how to keep the difference as it happened in Vigo. To the boys of Setién it seems that they weigh more and more the years and the wear and tear of playing twice every week. Messi, without going any further, remained missing in the final minutes, melted by the effort, while Griezmann entered the discount. A nonsense Barça no matter where you look.

Barça started the game as a flan against an Atlético who exhibited a physical display far superior to his rival. The mattress makers, after 10 minutes of dominance, were faced with an unexpected goal against Messi after taking a corner at the near post. Between Busquets and Thomas they covered the path to Diego Costa and this one put it in his own goal after deflecting the ball below the legs.

Without doing absolutely nothing, Barça found themselves with a goal that against the third in the table could be worth a lot. Atlético, however, was growing little by little with a Carrasco who has once again become a dagger on the left wing. It was precisely the Belgian who caused the penalty that led to the draw.

The winger went into the area, stopped in his tracks and took a maximum penalty from Arturo Vidal who sinned intensely. Diego Costa tried to correct the error of the goal in own goal assuming responsibility and his shot – excessively focused – was stopped by Ter Stegen. The VAR, however, He reviewed the play and determined that the penalty should be repeated because the goalkeeper came forward.

The Barça players surrounded Hernández Hernández to the point of making him very uncomfortable. Not in vain, Piqué got a yellow card for lenguaraz and Saúl Ñíguez decided to replace Costa in the repeat launch from 11 meters. The Madrilenian did not forgive and deceive Ter Stegen.

Barça held the blow as they could. Messi was very alone in his fight to stay hooked on the League. The Argentine had occasions like a foul that disrupted Oblak on the brink of rest and also gave a show by dribbling down the right wing as if he were a youth. As long as I did that, Atlético felt safe and grew more and more in their confidence although it was obvious that Costa had to be changed to find the goal.

Hernández Hernández takes control

No one knows what referee Hernández Hernández thought or saw in the locker room, but when he left them he changed the game decisively. The Canarian referee whistled in a span of 10 minutes two almost fictitious penalties each falling on one side. First, Semedo received minimal contact from Felipe, who was penalized with 11 meters and scored sublime Panenka by Messi.

Before the 60th minute was up, Hernández Hernández –maybe they told him something about the pinganillo– He made up for his earlier decision by whistling another weak penalty from Semedo over Carrasco. Ter Stegen, this time well placed, was about to take the shot from the left-handed midfielder.

So frustrated was everyone with Hernández Hernández that Messi took a yellow card for giving a ball of impotence. The canary looked bad, but he was not the only one. Luis Suárez crawled in this second half, while Setién made Ansu Fati and Griezmann wait from the bench.

The only danger culé was an Arturo Vidal that, right or wrong, he tried all the time and that he was a striker, a midfielder and even a defender. The Chilean seemed the only one aware that if he did not add the three points they lost the League. His character, however, did not infect colleagues who weighed his boots.

Simeone was seen at his classic juncture of the lost finals: risk putting softball players or consider the tie good. Cholo waited until the last 10 minutes to take a step forward and the chances were coming one after another –Jordi Alba saved a goal sung in the discount– without finishing taking shape at the same time that the Catalans consummated their nonsense without approaching Oblak’s goal in the final minutes. This Barça gives maximum penalty.