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Alex Carazo

Point and end to the journey of the Eibar in First Division. End to the dream of a humble team with a stadium and a crowd that dazzled football fans from the first match. The recital of Guedes in attack (he scored a double) it was too much for a very weak ‘armera’ defense that conceded too much. to usually do joined the party with another two goals to sentence the match on the fast track and aim for the Eibar.




Cillessen; Correia (Piccini, 69 ‘), Paulista, Guillamon, Diakhaby (Mangala, 85’), Gayá; Wass (Racic, 69 ‘), Soler, Kang-In (Vallejo, 80’); Guedes, Maxi (Gameiro, 80 ‘).


Dmitrovic; Correa (Pozo, 69 ‘), Oliveira, Arbilla, Cote; Recio, Exposito (Diop, 69 ‘), Atienza, Kevin (Gil, 36’); Kike, Muto (Enrich, 36 ‘).


1-0 M.3 Guedes. 2-0 M.22 Soler. 3-0 M.30 Soler. 3-1 M.38 Gil. 4-1 M.49 Guedes.


Mestalla Stadium (2,600 spectators).

The Eibar team promoted for the first time in its history to the First Division in the 2013/14 season. Since then, seven seasons The illusion has lasted for a team that went from fighting in Second B to rubbing shoulders with the stars of LaLiga for almost a decade. The first part before him Valencia it was the true reflection of a very complicated campaign.

Barely three minutes had passed when Guedes he already dropped his first pearl in the encounter. Many more would come later. The Portuguese received from to usually do and did not fail before a Dmitrovic who saw how the shot entered his own stick. Hard blow for him Eibar, which at that time was already mathematically lowered. The disappointment was even greater when to usually do he activated the arriving midfielder mode and scored a double with two first-time shots inside the area.

Sentenced party, and Mendilibar I couldn’t believe it. The coach made two changes already in the first half. One of them was Bryan Gil, that as always revolutionized the entire attack of his team and cut distances before the break. However, the impetus with which the Eibar the locker room fell apart just four minutes later, when Guedes the fourth, the second of his private account, rose to the scoreboard.

The umpteenth exhibition of the Portuguese winger at this end of the season in which we have been able to enjoy the Guedes that landed on the Valencia in its first season. The second 45 minutes then became a simple procedure, with a Eibar who wanted to die standing up and continued fighting, an unequivocal hallmark for seven seasons in First, until the final whistle of Pizarro Gómez.

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