A point that tastes very little. Neither Union Berlin nor Mainz managed to add three points to get away from the bottom of the table, and they continue with their bad dynamics that have led them to those dangerous positions.


Act at 22:34





Union berlin

Gikiewicz; Trimmel, Friedrich, Schlottterbeck, Subotic, Ryerson; Gentner, Andrich; Ingvartsen (Mees, 74 ‘), Bulter (Promel, 65’), Andersson.


Müller; Baku, Hack, Bruma, Niakhate, Boëtius; Kunde (Latza, 82 ‘), Barreiro; Quaison (Ki Dong-Won, 73 ‘), Awoniyi (Onisiwo, 62’), Mateta (Szalai, 82 ‘).


0-1 M.13 Baku. 1-1 M. 33 Ingvartsen.


R. Schroder. TA: Schlotterbeck (78 ‘), Friedrich (92’), Andrich (2A, 42 ‘) / Latza (89’).


Match played at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei.

Leipzig’s main win in Mainz was still engraved in the minds of the visitors and they wanted to get that bad taste out of their mouths as soon as possible. This is why after the initial beep, the Beierlorzer frame came out as fully plugged in and it didn’t take 15 minutes to open the can. After a muddled play, Baku seamlessly crossed a shot from Barreiro from the baseline.

The both woke up the Union Berlin, who jumped asleep on the grass, but he managed to equalize the contest after half an hour, with a free kick from Ingvartsen to the long post, displacing goalkeeper Müller. However, despite the airs of improvement shown by the capital, Andrich was sent off for a double yellow just before the break, making a totally untimely entry.

The pace of the duel fell after passing through the locker room, although it was Mainz who had the most opportunities to take the cat to the water, with two attempts by Mateta. The tie was set in stone.