Summary and goals of Turkey

06/11/2021 at 11:14 PM CEST

Roger Payró

It was one of the teams that reached the Eurocup the fittest – if not the most – and Italy did not give rise to surprise. The ‘Azzurra’ subjected Turkey to a real ordeal in the opening match (0-3) and it debuted at the continental event with a firm step. Demiral, on his own, Immobile and Insigne crystallized transalpine superiority.




Çakir; Celk, Demiral, Söyüncü, Meras; Yokuslu (Kahveci, 65 ‘); Karaman (Dervisoglu, 76 ‘), Tufan (Ayhan, 64’), Yazici (Ünder, 46 ‘), Çalhanoglu; and Yilmaz.


Donnarumma; Florenzi (Di Lorenzo, 46 ​​’), Bonucci, Chiellini, Spinazzola; Barella, Jorginho, Locatelli (Cristante, 74 ‘); Berardi (Bernardeschi, 85 ‘), Immobile (Belotti, 81’) and Insigne (Chiesa, 81 ‘).


0-1 M. 53 Demiral. 0-2 M. 66 Immobile. 0-3 M. 79 Insigne.


Danny Makkelie (Netherlands). TA: Söyüncü (88 ‘) and Dervisoglu (90’).


Olympic of Rome. 16,000 viewers.

The shooting statistics perfectly summarize what the match was like at the Olimpico in Rome, where Italy acted as a visitor but felt more local than ever. 16,000 souls cheered from the stands and they witnessed the opening ceremony with tenor Andrea Bocelli singing the ‘Nessun Dorma’. Precisely sleeping is going to cost the Ottomans. They never entered the game, they suffered chasing shadows for 90 minutes and ended up desperate and thrashed. Disappointing his first match.

Italy assumed control of the match and it settled in rival territory already in the first bars. Immobile and Distinguished They were the first to try it, although the clearest of the first half was in the head of Chiellini, which forced Çakir’s gliding. Given the imprecision of Senol Günes’ men, Mancini’s team continued to insist but without a prize. Not a clear hand from Celik in the area it fell in favor of the ‘Azurra’, who could not open the can until after passing through the changing rooms.

The closure was opened

And it came in the least expected way. Berardi sat Meras and his center was diverted by Demiral towards his own goal. The Juventus center-back could not be removed, which already had Immobile in the neck. Little had changed for Turkey until then, although ÜnderHis only change from the holiday, he had tried it on a solo adventure.

The adverse score also did not change one iota of the Ottoman approach, which continued to endure the downpour. Until game time, arrivals were accumulated with an average of one per minute. Spinazzola, Insigne, Locatelli, Berardi & mldr; I wanted to sentence Italy. AND ImmobileWho else, achieved the goal of tranquility. The Lazio striker caught in position ‘9’ a rejection by Çakir to Spinazzola’s shot to double the rent and kill the whole game.

He did not trust Mancini, who did not begin to lighten the traffic on the band until the 0-3 arrived. There was the only mistake of the Turkish goal, who was imprecise in the exit of the ball and Italy, with a quick combination with their attack men, penalized him. Insigne took care of marking. Classic shot with a donut on the long stick. Trademark.

Chiesa, Belotti and Bernardeschi – almost nothing – they jumped to the green in the last minutes, already with everything decided. Yilmaz, ostracized today, looked for the goal of honor in the discount but not even that. Italy starts strong.

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