Summary and goals of the Porto-Chelsea of ​​the Champions League

04/07/2021 at 10:57 PM CEST

Arnau montserrat

The punishment that Oporto took from Sánchez Pizjuán was severe. Without watching the game, a 0-2 for Chelsea would be normal but the game had nothing to do with the final result. Disappointing outcome for the dragons who deserved not only a draw, but at least one goal that gave them life in the tie. Ex officio triumph for those of Tuchel who did have the gunpowder ready. What little they generated marked it. That’s why they were the favorites, although on the green it didn’t seem so.




Marchesín; Manafá (Conceiçao 83 ‘), Mbemba, Pepe, Sanusi; Corona, Grujic, Uribe, Otávio (Toni Martínez 83 ‘); Marega (Vieira 83 ‘), Díaz.


Mendy; James (Thiago Silva 80 ‘), Azpilicueta, Christensen, Rüdiger, Chilwell; Kovacic (Emerson 90 ‘), Jorginho, Mason Mount (Kanté 80’), Werner (Pulisic 65 ‘); Havertz (Giroud 65 ‘).


0-1 M.32 Mason Mount; 0-2 M.85 Chilwell.


Slavko Vincic (Slovenian) TA: Mbemba (62 ‘), Grujic (79’)


Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium

That the first half ended 0-1 for Chelsea explains very well what the Champions League is. Sometimes you can already be passing over a team that the important thing is that the ball crosses the goal line. The rest, two-legged, matters little. Porto, with the Cinderella poster hanging since the group stage passed, He looked like the favorite of the tie in the first 45 minutes. He had them of all colors but they went to the holiday one down. Soccer is not a fair sport.

Chelsea came out in a bossy way but it did not last long. Just a center that walked through the small area of ​​Marchesín. The dragons were then activated. Between Tecatito and Otávio they moved those of Sérgio Conceiçao that they had the best weapon in their air power. Corona had a first appetizer with a double feint that ended in the hands of Mendy and Azpilicueta acted as a lifeguard with a shot from Dias.

Uribe had it moments later with a volley from the balcony of the area that touched the upper net of the goal of a Chelsea that was getting small. If the Porto midfielder’s shot comes in, it was one of the goals of the year. The minutes passed and the Portuguese were like in Do Dragao, at home in the Pizjuán.

Mount and no justice

Otávio with an Olympic goal attempt that did not come in by a miracle and Sanusi who sent the rejection into limbo again warned Chelsea that they did not expect such an aggressive, daring Porto. But the ‘blues’ were able to do what Juventus did not know. To resist. He kept the score 0-0, passed the gale and what came was the goal of the Londoners in the first shot of the entire first half.

Jorginho broke two hitting lines with a pass that made Mason Mount’s control even better. Roulette to leave the brand seated and lash with the right hand to cross it enough so that Marchesín’s foot fell short. If they were favorites it was because of things like this. The ability to decide with little. Tuchel’s house brand. Porto, who continued to seek a tie until the end of the first half, did not shrink.

Porto deserved the draw

The tonic of the second half changed little or little. Chelsea had a header from Werner a few seconds after the restart but those of Conceiçao returned to lock up the ‘blues’. Marega was able to tie with a hand-to-hand somewhat heeled with Mendy who took the French goalkeeper with a good foot. But of course Luis Díaz’s shot. The devilish thread was closing and Mendy’s stretch would have been sterile if the leather goes to the door. It did not impact the wood by millimeters. Claiming that Porto deserved the goal was cathedral evidence.

But Chelsea learned from the mistakes of the first half. They began to regain ground and take advantage of the fact that the dragons’ legs were no longer as fresh as the first half. Azpilicueta had the sentence with a header inside the little girl who inexplicably sent away from Marchesín’s goal.

The Portuguese claimed two penalties. The first was outside the area, a stomp from James, the other a half-shot from Marega that noticed Azpilicueta’s hands on his back and went to the ground. When the slump hit, Porto punished Chelsea. An unforgivable error in the exit of the ball by Tecatito Corona gave the leather to a Chilwell who jumped the exit of Marchesín and scored the second to empty goal.

The faces of disappointment among the Porto players was latent. They missed a golden opportunity to come out with much more life than they take for the second leg. Chelsea has a lot of semi-finalist face.