Mallorca does not throw in the towel, but rather shakes it after their exhibition against Celta, a win that leaves them only five points behind the vigueses, who get into trouble even if the win was excessive and misleading. It was enough for the Moreno team with 40% of possession and with fewer shots between the three clubs than the vigueses doing an exercise of maximum efficiency. Celta may no longer want to visit Mallorca.


Act at 21:53





Real Mallorca

Queen; Pozo, Valjent, Raíllo, Lumor (Fran Gamez, 42 ‘); Kubo (Junior, 83 ‘), Baba, Salva Sevilla (Trajkovski, 83’), Dani Rodríguez (Febas, 74 ‘); Cucho Hernández and Budimir (Chavarría, 74 ‘)


Rubén Blanco; Kevin Vázquez (Toro Fernández, 72 ‘), Murillo, Araujo, Olaza; Okay (Smolov, 46 ‘), Bradaric, Rafinha (Aidoo, 71’); Denis Suárez (Nolito, 27 ‘), Aspas and Santi Mina (B. Méndez, 62’).


1-0 M.14 Budimir (pti.). 2-0 M.28 Cucho. 3-0 M. 40 Well. 3-1 M.48 Aspas (pti.). 4-1 M. 52 Budimir. 5-1 M. 60 Save Seville.


From Burgos Bengoetxea (Basque Committee). TA: Valjent (48 ‘), Budimir (54’), Gamez (88 ‘) / T. Fernández (75’), Murillo (80 ‘).


Field: Visit Mallorca Estadi. Behind closed doors.

Everything came out to Mallorca and almost nothing to Celta, since in the first action Raillo took away from Blades 0-1 after excellent service from Mine. Then it would be Suarez the one that would connect the first shot that came without difficulty to Queen.

However, Mallorca went ahead with an intelligible penalty for tripping Mine it took four minutes of VAR deliberation. It seemed that there was no contact, that Mine barely blew as it passed Rodriguez, but From Burgos Bengoetxea, who spun very fine, ended up corroborating his perception of the supposed slight friction that caused Dani Rodríguez. Budimir tricked Blanco to go 1-0.

Celta rebelled and began to gain meters, with its touch game. And in a braided play Bradaric entered the area alone to shoot Queen with an excellent response from the Mallorca goalkeeper, who returned to shine at the exit of the corner kick taking under the line a shot from Murillo.

While Mallorca was betting on the cons and long shipments of Save Seville looking for Cucho already Kubo, in one of them the Japanese took a shot that was very focused was blocked by White No problem. He did not fail the next opportunity, when the Cucho He found a gap on the balcony of the area to send the ball to the long post where the goalkeeper from Vigo could not reach.

The match was uphill for Celta, who also lost to Denis Suarez due to injury. Nolith entered his place and Celta increased its offensive capacity, which was going to be very necessary. But nothing came to the team Oscar, the opposite of those of Brown, who made the third after an opening of Slime to Kubo and a pass from this one to Water well to stir in the area and beat White, again to the long pole, again where he could not reach.

The team from Vigo was able to shorten distances with an Olympic corner of Nolith that crashed on the crossbar. The score was misleading because Celta had more possession and elaborated the game better but Mallorca was relentless in the three opportunities available to them.
Celta got into the game with a penalty transformed by Blades after a clear push, this time yes, of Water well to Mine. But Celta did not have time to recreate because four minutes later and with an extraordinary pass from Save Seville one touch enabled Budimir so that this one surpassed Araujo already White with your shot.

Another stop of a huge Queen within walking distance of Bradaric prevented Celta from coming closer. Celta threw nine corners for only one from Mallorca. But those of Oscar they did not find the way to the goal and when they did they always ran into an immeasurable Queen.