Summary and goals of Italy – Austria (2-1) match of the eighth of the European Championship

06/26/2021 at 11:53 PM CEST

X. Serrano

Up to now Italy had shone. He had shown that he could annul his rivals, dominate matches, score and close the way to goal. In the round of 16, in front of a Austria supportive and combative, the ‘Azzurra‘proved that he also knows how to suffer and strike at the decisive moment. After a goalless first display act, he was on the ropes in the second. The VAR invalidated a goal by Arnautovic that it would have been fatal and in the extension the so many of Chiesa Y Pessina they passed sentence. Kalajdzic marked the bullseye of honor (2-1).




Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Acerbi, Spinazzola; Barella (Pessina, 68 ‘), Jorginho, Verratti (Locatelli, 68’); Berardi (Chiesa, 84 ‘), Immobile (Belotti, 84’) and Insigne (Cristante, 108 ‘).


Bachmann; Lainer (Trimmel, 114 ‘), Dragovic, Hinteregger, Alaba; X. Schlager, Grillitsch (Gregoritsch, 105 ‘); Laimer (Ilsanker, 114 ‘), Sabitzer, Baumgartner (Schöpf, 90’); Arnautovic (Kaladjdzic, 97 ‘).


1-0 M. 95 Chiesa. 2-0 M. 105 Pessina. 2-1 M. 115 Kaladzic.


Anthony Taylor (England). TA: Di Lorenzo (50 ‘), Barella (51’) / Arnautovic (2 ‘), Hinteregger (104’), Dragovic (120 ‘).


Match corresponding to the round of 16 of the European Championship played at Wembley.

With this triumph, the transalpine team reaches its maximum historical streak of matches without knowing defeat. There are already 32, surpassing a mark in force since 1939. The record of the ‘National‘ from Vittorio Pozzo placeholder image, champion in the World from 1934 Y 1938. In addition, his open streak of consecutive victories amounts to twelve. Thus establishing another new unprecedented milestone.

Mancini formed with the expected eleven. Say Lorenzo Y Acerbi they replaced the limping Chiellini Y Florenzi, Y Verratti won the position to Locatelli in the center of the field. No experiment in Austria either. The defense of four that worked so well against Ukraine, with Real Madrid Alaba released to join the attack on the left side.

Input, Austria presented battle in the wide zone. Intense in pressure, hard in every duel. He even enjoyed the first arrival of the duel, a malicious center of Baumgartner. But the ‘Azzurra‘he was unfazed. A couple of transitions to one or two touches were enough for a Austria her legs will shake. Insigne fired softly at the hands of Bachmann Y Spinazzola, pylon hammer on the left, shot deflected. Unclear occasions, actually, but the fear virus had already been inoculated.

From the quarter of an hour, Italy he settled in the rival field and dominated the game at will. The ball flowed, with pause and finesse, and the voracious pressure after loss aborted any counter-attack option. Such was the feeling of superiority that Bonucci He even dared to throw a hat to get the ball. And it worked out well for him. In fact, at the ‘National‘Everything came out except the most important thing, the goal. Brushed it Immobile in a shoe that crashed into the crosshead and Barella, from volley to center Spinazzola, ran into Bachmann.

Passing through the changing rooms returned the game to the starting box. High blood pressure returned Austria, which this time had an effect. Banned the way to rival terrain, Italy he started making mistakes. After each loss, after each inaccuracy, the nerves grew stronger. The ‘Azzurra‘, light years away from the team that had dominated the first half, lost control of the duel. Y Austria, who smelled fear, pressed until he found the goal. Arnautovic headed to the net a center prolonged by Praise, but the referee suspended the goal for offside with suspense after listening to the VAR.

Mancini tried to change the face to the team. Introduced to Pessina, Locatelli, Belotti Y Chiesa for Barella, Verratti, Immobile Y Berardi. Although none of the changes came too much into play, the renewed energies contained the blow. The duel was condemned to the extension, where the revulsives would be decisive.

Chiesa rescued a center Spinazzola and with a left foot to the net he did the same with a Italy adrift. Shortly after, Pessina took advantage of a ball fought for Belotti to mark the second. But not even so did he give up Austria, which required Donnarumma until you find the goal, the work of Kalajdzic on a corner kick. The first to receive the ‘Azzurra‘after twelve games. There was no time for more. Advance to quarters the ‘National‘in his most irregular performance, but showing character also figures among his virtues.

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