Without a Mertens sanctioned and with a key piece like Fabian On the bench, Napoli, with nothing to fight for in Serie A, continued to get ready for the duel against Barça. He had a high-flying game against Inter who was playing second place and those of Conte, with a Alexis Sanchez accompanying in attack Lukaku to the detriment of Lautaro Martinez, They ended up taking the game precisely thanks to the one desired by Barça, who sentenced the duel.

07/29/2020 at 00:06


C. F. Sainz




Handanovic; D¿Ambrosio, De Vrij, Bastoni; Candreva (Godín, 60 ‘), Brozovic, Barella, Biraghi (Young, 79’); Borja Valero (Eriksen, 89 ‘); Lukaku (Moses, 89 ‘) and Alexis Sánchez (Lautaro, 60’).


Meret; Hysaj, (Malcuit, 84 ‘) Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Mário Rui (Ghoulam, 65’); Elmas, Demme, Zielinski (Allan, 65 ‘); Politano (Hirving Lozano, 75 ‘), Milik (Callejón, 84’) and Insigne.


1-0 M.10 D’Ambrosio. 2-0 M. 73 Lautaro.


Paolo Valeri. T.A: Alexis Sánchez (21 ‘), Brozovic (48’), Barella (55 ‘), Birgahi (77’); Hirving Lozano (81 ‘).


Giuseppe Meazza. Door closed.

Lautaro tips the balance

In the first minutes, Inter locked up those of Gattuso, which barely crossed the midfield line. The local box gave no option respite to the partenopeos, and after prowling the goal of Meret, an error in the ball Mario Rui ended up promoting the play of the goal. A long ‘nerazurro’ attack ended with a ball from Biraghi in the heart of the area and D’Ambrosio did not miss.

The goal spurred the visitors, who stepped forward and came to control the duel. Zielinski had the tie with a dry shot from the front, but Handanovic rejected the shot. The Slovenian goalkeeper returned to save his family by repelling a close shot of Politanowhile shortly after Distinguished He did not hit the goal.

The partenopeo table dominated, but a new error Mario Rui it was about to signify the second local, although Alexis Sanchez was not correct before Meret. Subsequently, the visiting goalkeeper had to be used thoroughly to clear a shot from Brozovic.

Naples returned to take the helm of the duel a few minutes after the second half, although without too much continuity due to the constant stops to which the game was subjected. In addition, the good placement of the rear of Inter did not allow those of Gattuso put your rival in trouble.

Laziness could only be broken by a genius, which fell from the local side. A personal move by Lautaro Martínez ended with a shot placed by the Argentine from the area’s crescent, far from Meret’s reach. The one from Bahía Blanca ended the game with an unexpected script twist. The one from Bahía Blanca finalized the game in favor of an Inter that had more than enough with two flashes against a Naples that lacked spark.