Summary and goals of Girona


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Jordi Roura

The desire, the hunger, of this Girona seems to have no limits. Ten years after the last time he achieved it, he has returned to chain five wins in a row and clings with all his strength to the positions of “play-off & rdquor ;.




Juan Carlos, Couto, Santi Bueno, Juanpe, Arnau Martínez, Franquesa (Luna, 87 ‘), Cristóforo (Terrats, 91’), Gumbau (Kebé, 87 ‘), Monchu, Bárcenas (Sylla, 79’) and Stuani (Bustos , 79 ‘).


Mariño, Bogdan, Babin, Borja López, Saúl García, Gragera, Javi Fuego (Pedro Díaz, 57 ‘), Aitor, Manu García, Gaspar (Pablo Pérez, 79’) and Djuka;


Muñiz Ruiz (Galician). TA:


Montilivi. Door closed.

There are three days left and he has a margin of three points compared to his rival yesterday, Sporting, and Rayo. Nothing has been achieved yet, but after half a season of disappointment, the team from Francisco He has reacted and seems to be very fit to the decisive stage. Juanpe, taking advantage of Mariño’s rejection of a poisoned Xut from a side foul of Monchu, put the 1-0 on the scoreboard at the edge of the break and triggered even more joy in Montilivi. Fortune did the rest. Just ten minutes from the end Aitor, against Sporting, found the crossbar when he had everything in favor to tie.

The team started well, had a phase of doubts, and finished the first half even better, with the goal of Juanpe. Stuani He was the protagonist in the first minutes, with a Girona turned into the opposite field that, despite everything, lost ground with the step forward of the visitors from the quarter of an hour. Djuka had the best of Sporting. Then, for a few minutes, the tension that was chewed by the importance of the points, led to a not very showy game, with few opportunities. Until Bárcenas took out one of his shells from outside the area, which made Marine, and shortly after, at minute 42, Juanpe opened the scoring (1-0).

The visitors went for it after the break. In the first minutes, Girona suffered harassment from Sporting, which became c

on the ball and pressed in search of the tie. Little by little the Catalans shook the dominance, the party calmed down. Babin headlong touched the draw for the Asturian team, shortly after Stuani did not finish off a center of Franquesa. Girona resisted. And a quarter of an hour from the end, Francisco gambled by giving entrance to Busts Y Sylla for Stuani and Yoel Bárcenas looking to refresh the lead.

Sporting had the tie with a whiplash of Aitor to the crossbar in minute 82, in an electric counter by the Asturians after a corner favorable to Girona. The party was going crazy. Next act Sylla he was able to sentence on a double occasion separated by a couple of minutes. The madness subsided and Girona ended the match without any more scares and celebrating a triumph that could be worth a ticket for promotion.

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