They can put all the pressure they want on him, that the Juventus does not fail. The ‘bianconero’ group continues to shoot towards its ninth ‘Scudetto’Consecutive and powered by gunpowder Dybala, Christian and Douglas Costa in the second act he subdued a Genoa who endured 50 minutes numantina.


Act. 07/01/2020 at 00:49

X. Serrano




Perin; Romero, Soumaoro, Masiello; Ghiglione (Barreca, 62 ‘), Behrami, Schöne (Lerager, 46’), Sturaro (Biraschi, 75 ‘), Cassata; Pinamonti (Pandev, 78 ‘) and Favilli (Sanabria, 46’).


Szczesny; Square, De Ligt, Bonucci, Danilo; Bentancur, Pjanic (Ramsey, 74 ‘), Rabiot (Matuidi, 83’); Bernardeschi (Douglas Costa, 66 ‘), Dybala (Oliveri, 83’) and Cristiano (Higuaín, 74 ‘).


0-1 M. 50 Dybala. 0-2 M. 56 Cristiano. 0-3 M. 73 Douglas Costa. 1-3 M. 77 Pinamonti.


Gianpaolo Calvarese. T.A .: Favilli (7 ‘), Schöne (33’), Sturaro (58 ‘), Masiello (80’) / Bonucci (45 ‘).

Demanded by the triumph of his immediate pursuer, the Piedmontese box leaped to the green like a hurricane. He was choking on the pressure, stealing up and looking for the shot. Over and over again, without giving any truce. Shaken, the conjunto rossoblu ’set resisted thanks to the stops Perin, goalkeeper on loan from the Juventus. The young goalkeeper proved his worth to those who denied him an opportunity and with his feline reflexes deprived the goal of Bernardeschi, Rabiot and Ronaldo.

With the advance of the chrono the fence ian bianconero ’relaxed. He asserted the Genoa his defensive discipline and even gave an isolated scare to Szczesny. A resistance that after the break would be reduced to ashes by the torrential return ‘bianconero’. Dybala the leather was sewn to the zuda and, after slipping between two rivals, sent it to the net with a subtle shot placed. The champion felt the weakness and hit until the second fell, the work of Christian in a powerful shoe from the front.

More than half an hour to go, but all the fish was sold and the leader brought the duel to the freezer. Still, there was time for Douglas Costa swung distances to the crosshead and Pinamonti marked the both of the honor.