Summary and goals of Espanyol


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Espanyol accused the hangover of the promotion and will not be able to be champion this day. Cartagena took advantage of a rival with a ‘muleto’ team and took three points that they catapulted him away from the relegation zone after winning 2-0 at Cornellà.




Oier; Óscar Gil, Calero, Cabrera, Pedrosa; Embarba (Melendo, 57 ‘), Darder, Mérida (Lozano, 21’), Melamed (Vargas, 82 ‘); Dimata, Wu Lei (Puado, 57 ‘).


Martinez; Delmás, Navas, Datkovic, Fornies; Gallar (Azeez, 77 ‘), Arbujania, José Ángel, Nacho Gil (Cayarga, 72’); De Blasis (Antoñito, 86 ‘), Castro (Elady, 86’).


0-1 M. 22 Delmás. 0-2 M. 52 Rubén Castro.


Vicandi Garrido (Basque). TA: Embarba (55 ‘), Cabrera (90’).


Matchday 39. RCDE Stadium. Door closed.

VIcente Moreno proposed some rotations from the beginning to give opportunity to those who were not habitual. Fran Mérida and Wu Lei started, although they had no good luck to the first of change for different reasons.

The first lasted just over 20 minutes on the field due to a clash with De Blasis. His shoulder did not allow him to continue, giving entry to Pol Lozano. And the Chinese, for his part, was involved in the opening of the scoreboard … although in the wrong goal.

A cross from De Blasis seemed quite controllable with Wu Lei closing off Delmás and Oier coming for the ball to capture it. But both his communication and his actions turned out to be a fatal cocktail that exploded on the blue and white roof. Delmás came from behind and, with the tip of the booty, touched it to send it to the bottom of the net.

Waiting for a blue and white reaction, Cartagena did not let up. Espanyol could not find the routes and his rival, in the midst of a fight for permanence, showed the necessary voracity to go for the second. He fell after the break with a penalty from Calero to Rubén Castro. The historical did not fail the collection before Oier, with the calm that experience gives, certifying the 17th goal of the league campaign.

The parrots tried to shake off with a couple of opportunities in the same play: Cabrera’s header that caused a stoppage of Marc Martínez and a bounce from Dimata that crashed into the horizontal. Nothing was enough to mitigate the hangover from the climb. The alirón will have to wait, while the albinegros take a very valuable loot for salvation.

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