As in the traditional festivals of the Galician ‘muiños’ – mills – Celta purged all their ills and let themselves go. He danced to Alavés and alleviates his sorrows, which with bread, wine and music tend to relativize. Rafinha emulated Emilio Cao. He tuned the harp and led the pilgrimage. With the Spanish-Brazilian in tune, permanence should not be a headache.

06/21/2020 at 16:18


Jonathan Moreno



Celta Vigo

White; Kevin Vázquez, Araujo, Murillo (Aidoo, 72 ‘), Olaza; Beltrán (Brais Méndez, 65 ‘), Okay (Bradaric, 46′), Rafinha (Nolito, 46 ​​’); Iago Aspas (Santi Mina, 65 ‘), Smolov, Denis Suárez.


Robert; Martín, Laguardia (Ely, 46 ‘), Magallán, Javi López; Borja Sainz (Ximo Navarro, 31 ‘), Pere Pons, Fejsa, Méndez (Luis Rioja, 83′); Lucas Pérez (Paulino, 46 ​​’), Joselu (Burke, 59′).


1-0 M.14 Murillo. 2-0 M-21 Aspas (pti.). 3-0 M.40 Rafinha. 4-0 M.42 Rafinha. 5-0 M.79 Nolito (pti.). 6-0 M.86 Santi Mina.


Lamb Vega (Cantabrian). TA: Smolov (17 ‘) / Lucas Pérez (15’). TR: Martín (27 ‘).


Balaídos. Behind closed doors.

The pressure and the rapid circulation of the olívica ball disconnected the ‘Glorioso’. The babazorros chased shadows and the goals just happened. Jeison Murillo, incorporated into the attack in a corner, took advantage of a second play to impeccably head a Denis Suárez cross.

Iago Aspas this time did hit from the eleven meters in Fejsa’s television hands. Moaña’s left-handed, impossible for Roberto. The goalkeeper of Vitoria was, despite the win, the best of Asier Garitano.

Then came the exhibition of Rafinha. The culé youth squad scored two goals in two minutes. Pause and periscope at 3-0. Unbeatable launch from the front that found the squad of the Alaves bow. Arrival from the second line and volleyball in the fourth after a bad rejection by the debutant Javi López. It did not come out after the break. It was not necessary. Nolito was able to re-debut with the light blue celebrating the ‘handy’ after scoring a penalty and attending Santi Mina to the joy of the youth squad. The Sanluqueño contributed from the first second.