Flick wants them stuck to the end … And so the records come. The coach, who was coming to be interim, has already equaled Guardiola with today’s victory. Flick does not know defeat in the last 24 games and has had 15 straight wins, something that no one had ever done in club history. Tremendous.

06/20/2020 at 5:48 PM


Albert Gracia




Ulreich; Pavard, Boateng, Javi Martínez (Richards, 85 ‘), Lucas Hernández; Kimmich, Goretzka; Cuisance (Zirkzee, 64 ‘), Müller (Musiala, 89’), Singh (Coman, 64 ‘); Lewandowski.


Schwolow; Schmid, Lienhart, Heintz, Günter (Abrashi, 87 ‘); Sallai (Kwon, 46 ‘), Keitel (Frantz, 64’), Höfler, Griffin (Itter, 75 ‘); Holer (Waldschmidt, 64 ‘) and Petersen.


1-0 M. 15 Kimmich. 2-0 M. 24 Lewandowski. 2-1 M. 33 Holer. 3-1 M. 37 Lewandowski.


Allianz Arena (behind closed doors).

And Bayern maintains its cruising speed. He does not care what casualties there are. Without starters like Davies, Thiago, Alaba or Gnabry, the Bavarian team added their fifteenth consecutive victory to continue with a stratospheric streak. Against Freiburg, a remarkable first half was enough to certify the victory. Lewandowski scored twice, to become, with 33 goals, the non-German player to score more goals in the same Bundesliga. With one game to go, ‘Torpedo’ Müller will hold the record. At the moment. They are bigger words. Freiburg remains outside Europe.

Bayern came out like a shot. No ‘pachangas’. Kimmich took the helm and the Bavarian painting was a colossus in the first half that served to leave everything seen for sentencing. Flick’s team dominated as they wanted against a Freiburg who wanted to combine high pressure with waiting behind. It didn’t do him much good. Because Bayern was already playing something else. The Bavarian pressure was effective and with the whole team planted on rival ground the chances were coming. Little by little Lewandowski approached his prey, but it was Kimmich who opened the can.

The Pole held it in the area in a move ‘made in futsal’ and gave it up so that the German gave a pass to the net. Great match by Joshua. In uppercase. He alone made sure that the Bavarian gear worked and Bayern did not stop attacking the goal of Schwolow, who after 25 minutes had already conceded the second. Lewandowski took advantage of a rebound in the area to put the head. Maximum Bavarian intensity against a Freiburg who wandered but found Holer’s goal. They still believed in Europe. But their joy would not last long. Lucas Hernández rode impelled by Goretzka, another one who left, and put it so that Lewandowski only had to put the toe of the boot. 3-1, rest and something else.

In the second half there was a carousel of changes, less mordant at Bayern, which was clearly let go, and a Freiburg that had more than clear options to get into the game, especially after the entry of Waldschmidt. The young striker gave air to his next to the electric Kwon. Bayern also had them to thrash, but Coman found the stick and Lewandowski was stubborn with the goal. Flick ended up giving entrance to the subsidiary for his remembered debut.