Summary and goals of Athletic Club-Real Sociedad from the final of the Copa del Rey


On 04/04/2021 at 01:28 CEST

Arnau montserrat

Zoroniak Royal Society. 34 years later, the showcases of the ‘txuri-urdin’ complex will have a new tenant. The San Sebastián team won the most important Basque derby in history and was proclaimed champion of the Copa del Rey 2020. A target from Oyarzabal from the penalty spot wrote a golden page for the rest of his life and that of the Real . Athletic has one bullet left on the 17th against Barça.




Unai Simon; De Marcos, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri (Layer 90 ‘); Berenguer (Villalibre 76 ‘), Dani García (Vesga 76’), Vencedor (Unai López 68 ‘), Muniain; Williams, Raúl García.

Real society

Remiro; Gorosabel (Elustondo 90 + 3), Zubeldia, Le Normand, Monreal; Silva (Guevara 85 ‘), Zubimendi, Merino, Portu (Barrenetxea 89’); Oyarzabal, Isak (Carlos Fernández 89 ‘).


Estrada Fernández (Catalan) TA: Dani García (35 ‘), Iñigo Martínez (62’) / Mikel Merino (71 ‘)

Soccer what is soccer, little in the first 45 minutes. Too scary among the protagonists. A lot of testing and a torrential rain marked the opening bars of a final that had been waiting for too long. And it showed in decision making. It was the referee’s whistle at the start of the clash and the tap opened in Seville. La Cartuja was a real shower. That above all hurt the touch game of a Real Sociedad that despite having a lot of leather did not finish stepping on the opposite area.

The first two warnings were given by Athletic with a Raúl García specialist in this kind of matches. The forward pressure of the lions complicated in a bad way the exit of the ball of some ‘txuri-urdin’ who put one more march when the leather passed through the magician of Arguineguin. Silva was especially delicate in decision-making and put the necessary bit of risk with Isak as a partner. The Swede was a nuisance behind the backs of the Iñigo-Yeray couple, attentive in each of the ‘killer’ unchecks.

Precisely Iñigo had the best chance of the first half. Off the hook after an offensive action, the rojiblanco center-back received a ball from Unai Simón who went down, controlled and fired. A dry shot that came down with very bad intention. Remiro saved the first with one of those stops that are worth titles. Mitten at the height of the crossbar.

The departure from the holiday was busy. Not even sitting on the bench could the substitutes who came the most controversial play of the final. A center from Oyarzabal touched Iñigo Martínez’s hand and Estrada Fernández took it out of the area. The VAR spent more than three minutes analyzing the different shots because it seemed that the arm was inside the area although the rest of the body was not. The tension could be cut with a knife. The first decision of the referee kept the technology.

Iñigo was not scared enough by the action that he repeated a few minutes later. Mikel Merino bared the back of the lioness defense to find a Portu that was knocked down when he was left alone before Unai. Penalty and an expulsion that lasted two minutes. Those who took it from the VAR to notify the referee that the color of the card should be yellow. I go through the monitor, tell Iñigo that he was already in the locker room and Athletic’s ‘4’ is back on the pitch. He was able to see in the first person how Oyarzabal beat Unai Simón from eleven meters. Tap on the shield and tie the result.

Marcelino’s changes did not have the effect he was looking for. La Real was still planted seamlessly behind. Williams lived drowned and not even with a second reference as Villalibre did he disrupt the plans of Imanol Alguacil who did not move a single piece. Athletic gained meters, they had no other option, but they did not shoot. Inertia, inevitably, focused the last bars on realistic terrain, but the Cup was already getting the white and blue ties. The long realistic wait came to an end. The final whistle of the referee unleashed madness among the ‘txuri-urdin’. Real Sociedad took the Copa del Rey to San Sebastián. The third of its history.