No surprises in Vitoria. A show between Alavés and Getafe was not exactly expected. There was not. Not even remotely. The fear of defeat prevailed in a match without soccer. Only a spark from Cucurella hit the post. Festival of disputes, second plays, battle for each ball and each blade of grass.

07/13/2020 at 21:42


Lucas Cadet



Deportivo Alavés

Robert; Martín (Tachi, 89 ‘), Laguardia, Rodrigo Ely, Adrián Marín; Édgar, Manu García, Pina (Camarasa, 81 ‘), Burke (Paulino, 74’); Joselu, Lucas (Borja Sáinz, 89 ‘).


David Soria; Cabaco (Poulolo, 96 ‘), Djené, Timor, Olivera; Jason (Hugo Duro, 83 ‘), Arambarri, Maksimovic, Cucurella (Amath, 92’); Jorge Molina, Mata (Fajr, 96 ‘).


González Fuertes (Asturian committee). T.A .: Martín (21 ‘), Manu García (56’), Laguardia (75 ‘), Ely (82’) / Cucurella (12 ‘), Mata (35’).


Mendizorroza. Behind closed doors.

The first half was certainly stony. Necessity match for both, more for the locals, with Damocles’ sword of relegation lurking. They came out playing more and better those of Bordalás, with a very close and hardworking Alavés behind. Manu García in eleven, a whole declaration of intent of Juan Ramón López Muñiz.

Getafe, despite a defense of circumstances due to the sanctions of Etxeita, Nyom and DamienHe was firm and faithful to his principles. Jason Remeseiro tried a couple of distant shots, safely saved by a well placed Robert.

The party was moving in the expected script, a tough battle for every inch of the field, prioritizing security, without offensive fuss and with little danger in the areas, Burke tasted Soria With a shot center, and only on set pieces, Alava and Madrid came closer to the opponent’s area.

This dynamic of atony, respect, fear of error, would be broken by almost always. Cucurella took a whip out of his sleeve on the front in 43 minutes and with his bad leg, the right, but the post avoided both. Spectacular action to close the first period with a lot of struggle but poor quality.

The second half followed identical parameters. Crashes, fights, battles for each ball, for each meter. Fight football, without dominance, without quality since nobody was capable of giving four passes. The meeting was aground, and nobody wanted to get out of the script. A point is a point.

Luke had 17 minutes the first local opportunity, but Tobacco he launched himself bravely to intercept his shot. And in an aerial ball, a spectacular clash between Ely, Mata and Olivera it ended with stitches and a spectacular bandage on the latter’s head.

The defenses commanded in a match without an owner. Balls on one side, on the other, second plays, jumps, crashes … Rough show. And the missing guest, the VAR, would arrive in the 87th minute to annul by Mata’s previous hand a goal by Hugo Duro, zapatazo to the square after a rejection of the post to the first shot of Molina.

With a last scare of Arambarri and with ten minutes of eternal added, tense but with nothing to point out regarding the game, a sung zero to zero ended. Closed match, intense match, match without soccer.