Suicide Squad director talks about Harley Quinn’s look

Capture of the official trailer of The Suicide Squad (2021)

This August hits theaters “The Suicide Squad”, which will recover and introduce several characters from the DC Comics universe. One of the most prominent names is undoubtedly that of Harley Quinn, who will be played by Margot Robbie again.

Through his Instagram stories, director James Gunn has talked about what the character will look like in this movie. In view of the trailer, we see that it is the same Harley Quinn that we know, but at the same time breathes a different air. Not only in clothing, also in that for example already he does not wear the tattoo that says “Rotten” on his right cheek.

The reason for Harley Quinn's Rotten tattoo removalThe reason for Harley Quinn's Rotten tattoo removalAccording to a recent Instagram Q&A by the writer and director, the removal of the tattoo will not be addressed in the film, but it was simply because neither he nor actress Margott Robbie liked. Considering that Harley’s tattoos evolved into “Birds of Prey”, with the modification of many of her tattoos referring to the Joker after their breakup, it makes sense that her appearance continues to evolve.

In the comments he made about the latest trailer released, in which he acknowledged that he did not know which version of Superman Bloodsport had shot, Gunn has confirmed that Harley’s new costume is inspired by the one she wears in Rocksteady’s Arkham video game series. In the new movie, Harley wears a red and black outfit with a corset and choker, which should look pretty familiar to game fans. Although Harley will wear a different look later in the movie, Gunn said that this design is his favorite for the character.

Truth is, I had a huge map of all the different Harley Quinn looks over the years from various outlets, and one of them that I liked the most was the Harley Quinn look from the Arkham games, and I probably like it the most. that look anyway. So his first look in the movie is based on that, ”Gunn says, confirming that that shot from the trailer will be from one of the first moments we see of Harley.

Screenshot of the trailer for The Suicide Squad (2021)Screenshot of the trailer for The Suicide Squad (2021)

To all this, say that the film will be screened at the Fantasia Fest on August 4, one day before the international film festival officially begins with the world premiere of “Brain Freeze”, a new zombie thriller from Julien Knafo. According to Variety, “The Suicide Squad” director James Gunn is “an old friend from the festival” who he first attended in 1997.

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