They have asked themselves, how easy is it to stop what one has started? Success, many times, is not achieved by blindly following the path that at first might seem the right one; the challenge lies in being able to see, adapt, roll and make decisions in new horizons and free those routes that suddenly close, weaken or break for unexpected reasons.

I think the interesting parts of life, business and marketing are the intersections; concept derived from the Latin word “intersectio”, which can be translated as “meeting between two lines that intersect each other” and which is the result of the sum of several components.

Today, in this dynamic world, we cannot afford to follow the yellow road, as the famous phrase from the classic work « The Wonderful Wizard of Oz » by Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919) says.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting challenges of marketing and public relations campaigns is to clearly understand that audiences must be built over time and, above all, maintaining an adequate cadence, a good rhythm that offers them benefits through valuable content, of a wide variety of formats and communication channels.

Failure has great potential, mistakes and setbacks can serve us, as long as we have the humility and maturity to accept them and to learn from each one of them.

Content marketing and public relations programs are designed to last in the long term, so making the decision to stop them in their tracks is not recommended, as it involves risks for brands; Building a good reputation and brand loyalty takes years and, being crude and realistic, getting forgotten takes a few months and even weeks or days. The same happens with the acquisition of followers and subscribers to websites, blogs and social networks; If you are not constant and do not commit to provide original content that impacts and contributes in a constant and positive way, and if you also make the decisive decision to stop, the most likely thing is that they will abandon you, mainly because the offer and the competition to attract audiences interested in products, services and solutions, through digital media, has never been so fierce.

In the United States alone, during 2019, approximately 500 television series were produced; Of these, the projections indicate that 150 have a risk of being canceled in the short or medium term and only approximately 50 of these series have positive projections in terms of life and return on investment; furthermore, no one can know for sure what they will be, because, eventually, the public will decide on the road.

One of the keys lies in researching, immersing yourself in creative talent, putting all the impetus to develop disruptive products and services that generate emotions, solve problems and make the lives of consumers even easier and, at the same time, more interesting. .

Therefore, let’s put special focus on ideas, on continuing, on persisting, on not stopping, unless it is completely justified. Budget issues can be solved in different ways, if the idea is not a good one, it doesn’t matter how much money is invested to reach the goal. Today people want to feel, consume and surround themselves with authenticity, experiences; themes, approaches, objectives, many colors, not just yellow, to reach different destinations.