It is estimated that this type of mutilation affects almost one in ten Sudanese

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Sudan.- The government of Sudan ratified a law that criminalizes the female genital mutilation in the country, an estimated situation affects almost one in ten Sudanese.

The Ministry of Justice reported the approval of several pieces of legislation, including the Miscellaneous Amendments to Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Act of 2020, after being signed by the president of the Sovereign Council, General Abdelfatah al Burhan.

The law eliminates a series of clauses « that degrade the value and dignity of women », opting to penalize the female genital mutilation and recognize the right of women to accompany their children when they travel abroad.

The draft of the law that was known in April established a sentence of three years in prison for those who practice the mutilation, in addition to the withdrawal of the license from the hospital, health center or private clinic where the operation was carried out.

A 2014 survey by Unicef ​​noted that the female genital mutilation had in Sudan a prevalence rate of 86.6%, while in the world there are at least 200 million women and girls who have undergone total or partial resection of the external genitalia for non-medical reasons.